Indianapolis Colts: the injuries are piling up

indianapolis coltsDonald Thomas, Fili Moala, Vick Ballard are all on the Indianapolis Colts’ injured reserved list already. LaRon Landry and Vontae Davis have missed most of training camp and have now just recently started practicing.

Donald Thomas is one of the more hurtful injuries to this Colts squad. Thomas was already recovering from two injuries that he sustained last season. Meaning it hurt individually, but it hurts the team as well.

Thomas is the only experienced player on the interior of the offensive line. Jack Mewhort, this year’s second round pick, will be taking his place.

Mewhort played mostly tackle in college, so guard wasn’t his primary position. Which means there will be some adjustment period, on top of transitioning from college to the professional level. Not great news.

Hugh Thornton, who will be starting at left guard, is in his second season, which is some experience, but his rookie year wasn’t all rainbows and sunshine. Although, he did seem to show improvement towards the end of it.

And finally, there is Khaled Holmes, also a second year player, but essentially a rookie; he only played a few snaps last season.

But honestly, you can’t get much worse than Samson Satele and Mike McGlynn, so we’ll just see how things go in 2014.

Then there’s Vick Ballard, someone I truly feel for. After sustaining an ACL tear last season during a non-contact practice, he experienced the same fate for his achilles during training camp this year.

There is a very slim chance he will return to anywhere close to where he was before his first injury, but here’s to hoping for the best.

And this puts more pressure on the older and recovering Ahmad Bradshaw and, the so far, disappointing Trent Richardson. I believe in both of them, though having the depth with Ballard wouldn’t have hurt either.

The Davis injury is concerning, given the fact that he signed a huge contract, but he played great in 2013, so I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt. But Landry is an entirely different story.

I won’t go off on a spiel yet again, but Landry needs to recover and recover quickly and fully. He has all the talent in the world, but he has chronically been hurt his entire career.

Now is the time to get it together and help a secondary that is aching for some help alongside Davis.

Let’s just hope that the horseshoe can weather this storm of injuries and come out with a strong roster at the start of the regular season. Go Colts!