Indianapolis Colts: Winners and losers from training camp


LaVon Brazill

This one should be obvious, as he got himself kicked off the Indianapolis Colts team barely a week into training camp. Brazill, once again, violated the NFL’s substance abuse policy.

Brazill was already struggling to earn a spot on the roster as the sixth receiver, and this misstep just made it easy for the Colts to let him go. On the streets, looking for a job, Brazill is most definitely a loser of this year’s training camp.

LaRon Landry

Landry is a loser by virtue of, once again, getting himself hurt. The injury problems were a major concern when he inked his contract at the start of last season and they have only flourished since he joined the horseshoe.

His injury was only disclosed as a soft-tissue problem and nothing more. So I am not really sure what the problem is, except that I do. The problem is that he’s already struggling to get on the field and the season hasn’t even started yet.

There is a hint of good news though: Landry was participating in individual drills this week. Let’s hope he can somehow avoid the injury bug for the rest of the year.

Andrew Luck

Not in the way that you may think, but because of the injury bug as well. The Donald Thomas injury really hurts the team as a whole. Thomas is the only interior lineman with any real experience in the NFL as a productive offensive guard and he is off the field once again, having been placed on IR.

This is really going to hurt Luck this season with a rookie left guard, a center that has played a total of about twelve snaps and a second year player at right guard who had a rocky first season.

Let’s just hope for the best.


Andrew Luck

A winner and a loser? Seems contradictory, but he really has been splendid during training camp by all accounts. He is flourishing in not only his third year, but also his second straight year under the same offensive coordinator, Pep Hamilton.

Here’s to hoping this productivity continues into the regular season.

Reggie Wayne

Mr. Wayne is back and ready to go. He has looked strong and ready to hit the football field according to multiple sources, and that is big. Wayne has been the most dependable target for Luck since he has come into the league and getting him and Dwayne Allen back will be huge for the third down offense.

It’s nice to see 87 back and hopefully he’s better than ever.

Donte Moncrief

He has had his ups and downs as rookies do, but I have heard good things for the most part. His athleticism has really stood out, but he has done a better job with his route running and catching than most people expected as well. Moncrief is a work in progress, so knowing that he has shown flashes of being an NFL ready receiver is very good news.

His height and athleticism set him apart from the rest of the receiving corps, he just has to combine those attributes with Reggie Wayne-like route running and catching.

All in all, it is training camp, so everything must be taken with a grain of salt, but things are looking up right now.

Pre-season is starting, which means the competition will be revved up a little bit, but it’ll still be pretty boring. Regardless I’m starving for some football and I can’t wait for it to start. Go Colts!