New York Giants: Biggest winners at training camp

New York Giants

Devon Kennard

Training camp for the New York Giants has been very interesting to say the least. They have been plagued with some bad luck on the injury front and have let it overshadow all the good. Today I’m going to break down who is really bringing their A game to camp.

Throughout these painful couple weeks, Devon Kennard has proved he’s going to work. The rookie has been holding down the defense at starting linebacker and seems to be the standout. Not only is he the only rookie thus far to be listed as a first team man on the depth cart but also he is the biggest linebacker the Giants have.

His 251-pound frame sets him apart from the crowd and he knows how to use it to his advantage. Physically he is what a team would want and he continues to prove that as he progresses. He has the ability to play really wherever they need him, from the strong side to the middle; he’ll go where he’s needed. Kennard has really outshined the bad going on in practice and surely is impressing.

Another man who is helping Giants fans crawl out of their training camp depression is Brandon McManus. The rookie from Temple University is a sight for sore eyes. If the Giants are going to hold it down in any area, it’s with their kickers. Josh Brown has been the Giants’ kicker and one of the best in the NFL for 11 years. McManus came in and was just as good and just as strong.

McManus boots unusually long field goals and fans couldn’t be happier about it. He has claimed that he was able to produce a 75-yarder at camp to prove it. Having someone behind the ball that we know will complete the field goal regardless of what is going on around him sounds good to me. Either one of these men will do that for the team.

New York Giants

Brandon McManus

Having two great kickers competing for the starting position is a good thing. They both already have the skills but to train harder to be first is what we’re looking for. Hopefully these men can be interchangeable and both get a fair share of playing time. Brown’s contract will expire in 2015 and its unclear if he will extend it, so McManus might be NY’s long term solution.

This Sunday we’ll finally see if camp has produced a team. The Giants will be facing off against the Buffalo Bills at Fawcett Stadium in Canton, Ohio. Winning this opener will definitely boost the confidence of all the Giants players and set the tone for further work at camp. The starters will see the field but most likely wont play the whole time allowing others to get a taste of what the NFL feels like.

From injuries to saving baby birds, the Giants have really seen it all at training camp. These couple guys have really given us a glimpse at how to give it your all to make the starting line up. If the Giants get a win it could quiet possibly change the way camp has been going and get them going in the right direction.