Oakland Raiders: Rumors of possible relocation

Oakland Raiders

Raiders’ owner, Mark Davis

During the last week there has been much talk of Raiders owner Mark Davis visiting San Antonio, Texas for a few days touring the Almodome and taking helicopters tours of the city. NFL fans don’t seemed phased by this one bit considering the Raiders history of moving back and forth between Oakland and Los Angeles.

The Raiders started in Oakland in 1960 and moved to LA in 1982 for the chance of a bigger and better stadium, but when that possibility was finally squashed the Raiders and former owner Al Davis made their final move back to Oakland in 1994.

With the Raiders in Oakland, they are the only NFL team to still share a stadium with an MLB team (Oakland A’s). As Raiders fans it has to be embarrassing to watch the team you love play on what is merely a baseball field that is turned into a makeshift football field for 20 weeks out of the year.

What started Mark Davis’ search for a new home once again, was the Oakland A’s decision to sign a 10-year extension on the O.co Coliseum. The Raiders don’t want to be sharing a stadium with the A’s for the next 10 years, which is totally understandable, but is San Antonio, Texas the right place for the Raiders?

It doesn’t seem like the people of San Antonio are too eager to build a stadium for the Raiders considering a San Antonio news source wrote an article called “Just Move, Baby”. The article talks mostly about how the Raiders moved previously to “extort money from stupid, corrupt public officials to build new and improved stadiums”. Also the end of the article states “The sad thing is that the people of San Antonio and Oakland would probably benefit more from the government throwing a billion dollars out of a helicopter than they will from a billion dollar stadium that sits empty 340 days a year.”

That might be true for people of San Antonio whom only care to watch their Spurs win NBA titles (which is cool I guess), but that isn’t true for the die-hard fans of the Raiders. Raiders fans and Black Hole occupants would build a new stadium for the Raiders in Oakland, especially since Mark Davis even said “I’m not looking for any kind of AT&T stadium, All I am looking for is an intimate stadium that I can put a statue of my father in front of”(Former Owner Al Davis).

A more realistic option to the Raiders hometown issues may be going back to LA where there is most definitely a drive for an NFL football team. There hasn’t been an NFL team in LA since the Raiders left and frankly I’m surprised that is the case. I look at it this way: LA has two MLB teams and two NBA teams. How can it survive any longer with no NFL presence whatsoever?

The Raiders have to get out of Oakland sooner than later because no NFL team should have to share a stadium even if they haven’t been to the playoffs in over 10 years.  They should not go to San Antonio where it seems they may not even have true home football fans. So I say the Raiders either call up everyone in the Black Hole to start building a new “intimate” stadium in Oakland or possibly move back to LA where football is needed, however, I’m open to more possibilities and/or suggestions.


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  • Ricky

    San Antonio is not a good place. I live here. The locals are only concerned with the “Spurs”. We have an AFL team who is in limbo right now and fans don’t come out. Why, these folks are only “bandwagoners” when the team is winning they want to be a part of the action. Get a loss or string of losses the locals will turn their backs on a team at the drop of a dime.

  • Stephen

    How do you quote Davis stating he wants a small intimate stadium and then directly insist they relocate to LA? Small intimate stadiums and Los Angeles don’t go together. They’ve been there and done that. What’s really funny is thinking there aren’t football fans in Texas. Lol. Really guy? Texas is football. Very poor journalism, find another job buddy.

  • Outcast323

    Sacramento seems like a much better choice. There is no other fan base there. Let them Kill each other.

  • Outcast323

    I hope and pray that the raiders never come back to L.A. The fans are mostly Gang Bangers and start trouble at every game. We don’t need a bunch of A-holes again. Remember the Dodgers Beating that left a man almost dead, guess what their the same people. That means the AssH015s will have another event for them to go to and start trouble! That would cost them $$$$Millions in a law suit..

  • 916Jordan

    Bring em on to Sacramento! I feel that would be more sensible than San Antonio seeing as it’s fairly close to Oakland. Also, Vivek and the new Kings ownership are in talks to acquire our minor league soccer team and get them into the MLS. This city is on the rise in the next 10 years, why not bring the Raiders over too? There’s absolutely a fan base…

  • Oakland Raider Crusader

    Mark Davis needs to take responsibility and get something done rather than complain, threaten to move, if someone doesn’t build him a stadium for Xmas. The model is down in Santa Clara, with other Bay area examples at ATT park and the Warriors arena in the process. Another problem is the Raiders can’t sell out their current stadium, the smallest and cheapest in the NFL without reducing capacity from 62000 to 40000. The current state of the Raiders is a direct reflection of their shortcomings both on the field and in their sales and marketing departments Will be interesting to see the total gate revenue between the 2 Bay Football teams, a blowout on the business scoreboard, no accident

  • gregorbombs

    San Antonio is probably the worst move the Raiders could make, especially from a business standpoint. You lose your entire fan base. Yeah Oakland fans will still be Oakland fans, but they won’t be showing up to the field on sundays anymore. It would be a struggle to sell tickets as well as merchandise. Sales would be down, seats would be empty, and the Raiders would have to transition its entire fan base. Their best move is LA. The city is filled with celebrities, money, and more celebrities. Players would actually want to become a Raider considering LA is one of the best cities in America. Also, the NFL as well as football fans, have been trying to put a team in LA for years. By the way this writer is up and coming, he knows his stuff and his writing is great!

    • Shannon

      Lol, you’re a fool

  • Terrence Healy

    Well, there is land set aside in San Jose,CA for the A’s to have a new ball Park. But since they signed a ten year agreement in Oakland it seems they are not going to use it.
    San Jose has over a Million Residents for a good Tax Base and is part of the Silicon Valley. The Raiders should move to San jose,CA. The 49rs just moved to Santa Clara which is part of San jose, they are in the same County. There is a huge transportation Hub right near the site, with Train, Bus, Light Rail and Bart and a Major Freeways right next to this Land and it is near downtown San Jose. The City has set aside money for this as well. It is near downtown and a Big draw for the Businesses in downtown such as the Hotel’s and Resuraunts.
    Hopefully someone will pick up on this sooner or later.

  • Shannon

    You’re knowledge of San Antonio is a joke. I live in SA and I can assure you we are ready for the Raiders and will build them a stadium, we’ve wanted the NFL for 25 plus years. The Alamodome can be used temporarly (it’s actually in great shape, far superior to that dump in Oakland)–LA won’t build a stadium and the NFL is lying when they say they’ll build one)—combined with Austin we are the 15 largest market and growing leaps and bounds ahead of SF/Oakland. If the Raiders don’t move here the Chargers will (zero chance of them getting a stadium as well). Only reason 49ers got their stadium is that the paid for it! Mark Davis is the poorest owner in the league, he has no money to build a stadium himself and he won’t share a stadium…again Oakland has no way to finance a stadium (the idea that a private developer builds one is laughable). NO WAY!!—it SA or stay in that dump with the dumbass A’s (who won’t get a stadium either)

    • Terrence Healy

      Mark Davis already stated that his family would put up 400 Million, you are horribly misinformed. So the NFL ponies up 200 to 250 with the Davis family putting in 400, that is 650 to 700 Million. So, it is a balance of 3 to 500 Million, in which would give a cities Colleges, Concerts, Sports and a variety of other uses for the stadium. The Silicon valley is flush with cash, I would not be surprised if the Raiders moved to San jose.

  • Todd Waters

    This all just makes me sick.

  • Donn P

    Make Al Davis’ dream a reality- The Las Vegas Raiders! Vegas would build a stadium. Every game would be a sellout. And Al would be smiling! Just win Baby!

  • Just the Facts

    A San Antonio news source did NOT write ‘Just Move, Baby’ article. Get your facts straight. Try researching.

    • Shannon

      Exactly, this “writer” is a joke

  • long beach tony

    The NFL should put up the money to build a new stadium in Oakland or LA. And give bowl cut marky that statue off his daddy out front.

    • NWA Real Raiders fanz for life

      Bring them to LA where they belong. That is a nasty stadium in Oaktown

      • the dominantor

        Why should they go to L.A. so the staduim can be empty like in the 80’s. They won the super bowl in 83 and the next yr the fans didnt even show up To support the champions of the nfl. L.A sucks and thats why all the football teams came and bounced with in ten yrs of realizing people would rather sit on the corner and die for a stupid color then support the almighty silver and black

        • Raiduh Marc

          I say Mark Davis should realize his father’s dream of building an NFL palace and moving to Irwindale!

        • Alonso Enriquez

          LA has never been a football town, if they move anywhere they should head north to Portland. Huge Raider fan base here that would welcome them. Now the local governments is another story.

      • Ray

        They belong in Oakland. Always have. LA was a disaster for the Raiders and would be again.