Virginia Tech Football: Why Frank Beamer is the right guy for the job

Beamer, Frank (usable)

The Virginia Tech football team is lucky to have one of the best coaches to ever coach in college football.

Frank Beamer has been amazing for them year in and year out. He’s led them to 21 straight bowl appearances, which is a record, and he’s had a lot of ten win seasons for Tech. He pretty much has the right to retire whenever he wants because Virginia Tech won’t fire a guy as sacred as Frank Beamer. Florida State never fired Bobby Bowden who, in my opinion, is the greatest coach in college football history, so it should be the same with Beamer.

Why is he right for the job? Let’s take a look.

Beamer Ball

This is what Frank Beamer is known for at Virginia Tech. Beamer Ball is what people call the big special teams plays like blocking a field goal, extra point, or a punt. Beamer ball is especially in effect when the Hokies return it for a touchdown.

Beamer ball was biggest back in his early years and middle years at Tech when the Hokies made outstanding special team plays all the time. There are still Beamer ball plays to this day, although maybe not as often as years ago. Beamer hasn’t changed his philosophy and still believes that special teams is an area where impact plays can be made.

Once he retires, they will have to come up with another name to call VT’s special teams.

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Winning mentality… and experience

This is also a huge thing that Frank Beamer is known for. He had eight consecutive ten-win seasons for Virginia Tech from 2004-2011. He’s also been to 21 straight bowl games like I said above and he’s been to one national championship which he lost to Florida State back in the Michael Vick days.  He won a lot in the Tyrod Taylor era as well, which were only a few years ago.

He’s won four ACC championships during his time but hasn’t won an ACC championship since 2010, which is raising concern for Tech fans. Can they compete with the bigger ACC teams such as Florida State and Clemson?

Nevertheless, Virginia Tech is going to compete for as long as Frank Beamer stays in Blacksburg. As long as Beamer is here, that bowl streak will live on and on until he retires. We’ll see how well he can do this year with a team that is still without a starting quarterback.