Michigan State Football “acurate” sign tweet goes viral, unintentionally

It’s funny what gets traction on Twitter, isn’t it?

Our isportsweb MSU correspondents can publish good stories from Michigan State Media Day (like this, this and this) and they get minimal traction. That’s to be expected, I guess.

But I tweet out a photo of the sign outside of MSU’s locker room and it makes national news (ESPN, Bleacher Report, The Big Lead, Yahoo Sports, Sports Illustrated and more), as well as regional news (Detroit News, Detroit Free Press and more).

To be completely honest, before I tweeted out the photo I read right past the “accurate” typo as I viewed the words on my phone. I simply thought it was a great sign and would serve as a fun preview for the upcoming football season. It was my intention to just throw it out there, watch it get retweeted a couple dozen times and see it disappear into the Twitterverse as thousands and thousands of tweets do every minute.

MSU typo

But there was that “accurate” typo — which appears to be a Big Ten thing this summer — and off it went… viral, as they call it.

MSU Associate Athletic Director John Lewandowski told the Lansing State Journal today that a fix was in the works even before the sign started getting national attention. He said the athletic department is still completing the installation process for the new locker room and that some minor fixes always need to be made before the final product is debuted to the public.

To be clear — I would not have passed the photo along if I had noticed the typo beforehand. It is my opinion that every institution should have the ability to fix mistakes behind-the-scenes before they unveil them to the public. This locker room photo was not released by MSU, unlike the one with a missing apostrophe. It was not taken after a grand opening celebration. In theory, MSU had time to make the correction — and possibly was already doing so. There is no reason to not believe Lewandowski when he said a fix was already in the works.

My tweet did not allow MSU the opportunity to present itself to the public on its own terms at the MSU locker room’s official dedication, currently scheduled for August 25th at 6:30pm.

Put simply, if I could take it back, I would.