New York Giants: Aftermath of the Hall of Fame game

New York Giants

David Wilson

The New York Giants came out of Sundays Hall of Fame game with a huge burst of confidence and determination. The rookies settled in and single handedly helped shut the door on the Buffalo Bills. As we’ve learned when one door opens another door closes and one surely has for David Wilson.

The preseason opening game started off slow but finished how we like it. The Giants defeated the Bills 17-13 with the rookies pulling the weight. Standouts were Andre Williams with 7 carries for 48 yards and a touchdown, Corey Washington with a 73-yard pass, which he ran in for a touchdown, and Brandon McManus with a 47-yard field goal. These rookies had their chance and they showed they could do it. A win right out the gate is a serious confidence boost and will definitely shake up practice.

Daniel Fells left the game due to a sprained knee and David Wilson didn’t even touch the field. We have now come to find out Wilson’s career has come to a close.

Wilson returned to football fresh off of neck surgery that was preformed less then 7 months ago. After being cleared to play he reinjured it after running into the back of guard, Eric Herman at training camp. On Monday, Wilson met with Dr. Frank Cammisa and team doctor Russell Warren who decided it would be in Wilson’s best interest to stay off the field. He suffers from a narrowing of his spinal column that would put him at risk for the rest of his life if he continued to play.

Wilson told the Daily News, “I lived my dream” and he most certainly has. At only 23 years old Wilson has taken the NFL by storm. He was the most dynamic offensive man on the field and played with heart and perseverance. He held the running back position for New York for three years and did a fine job at it.

Wilson has not retired fully but has been placed on the injured reserve for the rest of the season. This allows him to still receive his 2014 salary and when released in the offseason he will most likely be given an injury settlement.

New York Giants

David Wilson

The Giants will definitely miss Wilson but were prepared if not returning was the case. They have Andre Williams, Rashaad Jennings, Peyton Hillis, Michael Cox, and Kendall Gaskins on the roster and can figure out how to work them in. Williams has already proven since Sunday’s game that he can hold down the spot and make something happen. If that fails they also have the option to wait until players are dropped from other teams and scoop them up to take the spot.

The Giants in my mind don’t have to worry. It’s going to take some time to figure out where everyone should be but everything will work its self out. They have the options they just need to choose. David Wilson will surely be missed and such talent cannot be replaced but the show must go on.

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