UFC: Jon Jones vs Daniel Cormier, the fight before the fight

It sometimes amazes me, the restraint of two professionally trained fighters, who do press tours, go to events together, do stare downs and talk crap about each other all while their opponent is right next to them.

I wonder how the animosity for one another has never spilled over into some sort of altercation.


Current UFC light heavyweight champion, Jon Jones flexing at weigh ins.

My time for wondering is over, now that current UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones and contender Daniel Cormier got into the pre-fight press conference brawl heard around the mix martial arts community.

On August 4, 2014 the two athletes were set to have their first stare down at the MGM in Las Vegas, in a promotional tour for their upcoming bout on September 27, 2014, at UFC 178.

The two mammoth men met face to face and when there was no more room between them both and flesh touched flesh, all politeness and political correctness was thrown out the window and instead two alpha males rammed horns.

What ensued soon after was a tornado of bodies, stage equipment and clothing flying all over the place as lesser men attempted to disengage the two fighters from each other.

Since then, both men have done their best version of damage control, going on ESPN and Fox Sports 1, in an attempt to explain their side of the situation, but in all honesty what they say now and until the fight will not outweigh the brawl beforehand.

Some will argue that what happened at the press conference was a stain on the sport. I believe that in a sport built around hyperactive, physically gifted athletes whose one purpose is to enact violent pain on one another, getting moments like these should come as no surprise.

What should surprise the masses is that moments like these are not a common occurrence. And moments like this are what’s going to get everyone’s attention, good or bad, focused squarely on these two men.

I was already excited for this fight to happen but I feel that the average MMA fan was probably a little less enthused.

UFC 178: Gustafsson out Cormier in

After the Jones and Cormier pre-fight scuffle, everyone who is fight fan, hardcore to casual, now has an eye on these two warriors. And the lead up to this fight has all the right pieces in place to make it the perfect storm.


Light heavyweight title contender Daniel Cormier flexing at weigh ins.

Jones and Cormier already had disdain for each other dating a few years back to when they first met. Words were exchanged and there is debate as to what was actually said but what every party can agree on is that neither man was to fond of the other after.

Since then both men have carved a name for themselves inside the octagon with a combined 35-1 record (the one loss is a DQ for illegal elbows) and are now set to met inside the cage to settle their dispute once and for all.

The UFC 178 card is stacked and after this little gem dropped on MMA journalists and fight fans, there will be tons of storylines to discuss leading up to the event.

Jon Jones vs Daniel Cormier is the icing; scratch that, the cherry on top of the proverbial cake that is UFC 178. Now lets hope they don’t ruin the cake before its time to eat.