Chicago Cubs: Could they really trade for Cole Hamels?

Early this morning it was reported by David Kaplan of, that the Chicago Cubs have placed a revocable waiver claim on Philadelphia Phillies pitcher Cole Hamels.

What this means is that the Phillies now have the option to either pull Hamels back and take him off of waivers, or try and pursue a trade with the Cubs for Hamels. This moves comes as somewhat of a surprise as the Cubs sit in last place of the National League Central division. However, as Buster Olney of ESPN writes, “Hamels will make at least $90 million over the next four years, meaning he could be the foundation piece for the Cubs’ rotation, in theory”.

Philadelphia Phillies

Cole Hamels

An acquisition of Hamels by the Cubs would accelerate the rebuilding process immensely. It would allow for the Cubs to acquire the front of the rotation ace that they have been looking for and position them to be a few pieces away from contending.

Hamels is going to be 31 at the start of next season but he brings the experience the Cubs would like to have. He has postseason experience including winning the MVP of the World Series in 2008. Although the acquisition of Hamels would help the team, it is and will be very difficult for the Cubs to acquire him. Kaplan does not believe that the Cubs will acquire Hamels although he feels it would be well worth it.

Acquiring Hamels could mean parting with some of the prospects that the Cubs have worked so hard to acquire. That would be the difficult part in dealing for Hamels as the Phillies may be asking for elite talent in return such as Kris Bryant or Addison Russell. Parting with those prospects would be extremely difficult but could be one that is needed in order to get elite pitching to match the hitting prospects the Cubs have in the minor leagues.

As Kaplan says, it is not likely that the Cubs will acquire Hamles due to the many different factors that would go into the trade. The fact that the Cubs are making moves such as claiming Hamels on waivers suggests that the team is ready to leave the losing in the past. Even if the Cubs are unable to acquire Hamels, the fact that they have put a claim in on him should give Cubs fans hope for the immediate future. It has been a long time since the Cubs have been good, but the wait for the Cubs to become a contender may be coming to an end.