Cincinnati Reds: Evaluating trade deadline moves

cincinnati reds

The trade deadline came and went, and the Cincinnati Reds made no moves to bolster their roster for the rest of this year or for building for the future. There were rumors that they would give up Ryan Ludwick or Mat Latos for help in the infield with the injuries to Brandon Phillips and Joey Votto, but it was a no go.

Should the Reds have made a move? On the surface it looks like they needed it badly, but I think money wise it was a good move. It was also a good move for the future of team as well. If Walt Jocketty would have gotten rid of  any of the starting pitchers that have been the backbone of this 2014 team, it would have made the 2015 squad weaker instantly. The Reds have had some of the best starting pitching in the league the past few seasons and in order to continue their success, it is important to keep that in tact.

The Reds could have used help in an injury depleted bullpen. Jonathan Broxton is due to make $9 million next season and after all the success he’s had this season after coming off of the disabled list, the Reds probably could have gotten a pretty prospect for him, but to win now it was not worth it.

The Reds have what every team seeks, and that is stellar starting pitching. It’s what teams build themselves around. For the people that complain about the Reds not doing anything, you have to realize that in order to get someone that would’ve made an immediate impact would mean to give up one of the starting pitchers that has helped keep this team in the playoff race. The Reds went into the All-Star break 1.5 games out of first place in the NL Central behind the Brewers and seven games above .500. The Reds hit a rough patch after the break, but have recently gotten their stuff together and are still just 4.5 games out of first place now. None of that would have been possible without the strong starting pitching.

Cincinnati could not have afforded to give up any of their pitchers with the way their offense can get when they hit their low points. Even if the Reds score just one run, that can sometimes lead to victory since the pitching has the capability to pitch a shutout each time they take the mound.

Broxton would have made sense to get rid of however, because of his salary for next season and the fact the Jumbo Diaz has proved that he can possibly fill Broxton’s set up man role next year if Broxton were to be traded. As long as the Reds can keep it together enough to keep them in the race until Phillips and Votto return, the “no move” move looks like a pretty solid one on Jocketty’s part. The Reds will just have to wait and see if they can continue to contend with the roster they are playing with now.