New York Knicks: Outlaw trade a big win

Cheers, Knicks fans! Travis is back with the New York Knicks.

However, Patrick Ewing was not part of this transaction and his full name is not Travis Knight, who was famously acquired by the Knicks in the deal that sent Patrick Ewing to the Seattle Supersonics in 2000. The player the Knicks did acquire on Wednesday is Travis Outlaw, who played last season with the Sacramento Kings. Outlaw is the main piece of a four player trade that sent Wayne Ellington and Jeremy Tyler to the Kings and Travis Outlaw and Quincy Acy to the Knicks. The trade was first reported by USA Today and includes a provision where the Knicks will free up all protections on a 2016 second round draft pick that was already acquired by the Kings.

Scouts rave about Outlaw’s athleticism but his resume also includes being amnestied by the Brooklyn Nets. Outlaw is a former first round draft pick and currently an 11-year veteran who averaged 5.4 points with 2.7 rebounds in 63 games with the Kings last season. Outlaw also shot a mediocre 35 percent from 3-point range. Team officials believe that Phil Jackson made this trade as a way to give the Knicks more depth at small forward. Outlaw is believed to fit in third in the depth chart at small forward, behind Carmelo Anthony and rookie Cleanthony Early. Outlaw is in the last year of his five year, $35 million deal but the Knicks will only pay him $3 million this season.

The details to the trade were later publicly announced by Sacramento Kings General Manager Pete D’Alessandro. “We want to thank Quincy and Travis for their contributions to the Kings organization,” said D’Alessandro.

New York Knicks

Quincy Acy

If retained, Quincy Acy will give the Knicks more depth in the front court and a fashionable beard to market to fans. Acy averaged 2.7 points along with 3.4 rebounds in 63 games with the Raptors and Kings last season. Scouts believe that Acy is a hard working big man who attacks the glass and does all the dirty work. Acy will now join his third NBA team in as many years, hoping to finally find his niche.

This deal is considered to be a win for the Knicks. The Knicks were able to rid themselves of Wayne Ellington and his $2.2 million contract without giving up a significant piece in return. There were rumors for weeks that the Knicks may be forced to give up Pablo Prigioni or Shane Larkin in order to entice the offer and free themselves of Ellington. Knicks officials also believe this trade was made as a means to be under the luxury tax threshold of $76.8 million.

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Team officials in the Sacramento Kings franchise believe Jeremy Tyler most likely will be waived by the Kings before the September 15th deadline to free cap space. Tyler has a fully non-guaranteed contact entering this upcoming season. Tyler averaged 3.6 points along with 2.7 rebounds in 41 games with the Knicks last season.

This trade cannot be officially completed until August 25th due to NBA restrictions. Knicks fans are probably reminded of what happened last summer when the Knicks made a unofficial trade that was later vetoed then accepted by the NBA. Does the name Andrea Bargnani ring a bell?

Maybe this time restriction will give the Knicks time to rethink the trade. Or maybe Knicks fans should finally place their trust into the franchise now that Phil Jackson is leading the way.

  • Kenya Sheppard

    Love the article, and I like your fresh approach. Looking forward to seeing how everything unfolds when the trade happens and hope see more articles from you as well.

  • The one

    Great article. Hopefully the Knicks can make the post season this year with Phil Jackson leading the way