Washington Wizards: Bradley Beal must step up

There comes a time in a male’s life where he must make the jump from being a boy to a man. That is exactly how Bradley Beal‘s NBA experience is going as of late.

bradley beal

If the Wizards want to remain on the road to success, Bradley Beal has to improve his game.

Since being drafted by the Washington Wizards as the No.3 overall selection in the 2012 NBA Draft, it was clear that Beal possessed loads of potential. Beal had a good rookie season, in which he put up 13.9 points and dished out 2.4 assists a game. Beal followed up with a nice sophomore campaign in the 2013-2014 season by averaging 17.1 points and handing out 3.3 assists a game while shooting a solid 40.2% from three-point land.

It is impressive how the 21-year-old continues to improve, but guess what? He must do more. Is more production out of Beal too much to ask for?

Not really because Beal has a remarkable ability to score the basketball. Additionally, this 6-foot-5, 207-pound shooting guard has the body to be a disruptive perimeter defender.

The Wizards made it to the second round of the playoffs last year when almost nobody but maybe a handful of Wizards fans believed they could. There is no turning back for the Wizards anymore. They are no longer at the bottom of the barrel when it comes to NBA franchises. From here on out, the primary goal for the Wizards should be an NBA Championship trophy.

The Wizards ended their long playoff hiatus. Now it is time to turn into a superpower, not in just the East but a superpower across the entire NBA. If Bradley Beal gets his head straight, then the Wizards will be one step closer to striking gold.

It is no secret that Beal is streaky. In his two-year career, Beal’s shooting percentage from the field is 41.6%, which is pretty average for an NBA shooting guard. However, average just won’t cut it for a player of Beal’s caliber. His shot selection has got to get better but that facet of his game will most likely improve as he matures.

The cat must come out of the bag. A big issue must be addressed and put to a halt! It is just frustrating to hear voices looming about Beal’s game and trying to cut him some slack just because he is only 21 years old. Fans want to pacify Beal and say “Oh, he has time”. Whatever. This kid needs to man up and become the player that people are waiting for him to be.

John Wall and Beal are probably the second, if not the best guard combo in the league. In all honesty, Beal is the better scorer between he and Wall. Wall can get a guaranteed 20 points and 8 assists a night. If Beal builds his confidence and jumps that scoring average up between 20 to 25 points a night with a couple assist, serious trouble for opposing defenses is coming.

Now that Beal and Wall got a taste of the playoffs at such a young age, the Wizards now have a seasoned playoff backcourt compounded with a bevy of savvy veterans in the Wizards’ frontcourt.

The Wizards seem like they could contend for the top spot in the East next year. One thing is for sure and that is Beal’s emergence as a budding star in this league. The question is whether or not he is ready to make the jump. Beal needs to demand the ball and as a result, his team will begin to gain respect.