Kansas City Chiefs: 5 notes from first game

Football is back for your Kansas City Chiefs; let that settle in for a moment.

Some only watch the starters in the preseason then turn it off to watch their other shows, but anyone watching the game last night was surely glued to the tv. Last night was one of the most exciting preseason games you will ever see. Touchdowns by offense, defense, and special teams were a constant throughout the game.

5 things really stood out to me last night and they are the following.

1) De’Anthony Thomas is the real deal. All camp Thomas has been hyped up and the hype is real. The amount of hype that has came out of Chiefs’ camp is almost surreal for a guy not drafted in the first round. Not only did Thomas show why the hype is deserved, he exceeded that.

For those of you who missed it take a look at the electrifying De’Anthony Thomas right here.


Thomas only had one carry last night and did not log a reception, but that punt return was plenty to prove his worth and versatility. Thomas is lightning in a bottle, that is the only way to describe his game. He can strike at anytime from anywhere. The “wow” factor this guy brings to a team that lacked playmakers on offense (besides Jamaal Charles) can not be stressed enough. The Chiefs landed a true gem here.

2) One of my most hyped players of the offseason decided to show up. I have been about as avid of a Travis Kelce supporter as there was out there during the offseason. I mentioned his name in numerous articles and last night was a perfect example of why. Kelce caught a quick pass across the middle and the rest was history. 

There clearly was a problem with the Bengals secondary communication on that play, but that does not take away from Kelce leaving them all in the dust after the catch. Kelce has the chance to be something very very special for this team. If and it is a big if he can stay healthy the Chiefs will have added a very versatile weapon for Smith.

3) Sean Smith is hungry. If done in order 1-5 about the most important things from last night, this would probably be number one. The Chiefs needed this from Smith, the most proven corner on the roster has been delegated to second string so far in camp, that should be changing.

Kansas City Chiefs

Smith went out last night and made his presence felt right away.

It seems as if Andy Reid’s mind game to try and get Smith going has worked, chalk up another miracle done by Andy Reid. While Ron Parker got torched for a touchdown and racked up multiple illegal contact penalties, Smith excelled.

If Smith continues to stay hungry and works hard he will undoubtedly be the number one corner, let’s hope he stays hungry.

4) Eric Fisher’s woes continue. After coming off of a very dismal rookie season, Fisher was one of the guys that needed to take the leap, at least a small one. Fisher got beat for a sack that led to a fumble by Alex Smith while the first team was out there. This is not what Reid and company wanted to see out of Fisher in the first preseason game.

I have already listed as Fisher as one of my “losers” from training camp so far, this is not the performance he wanted.

Kanas City Chiefs: Winners and losers from training camp

The offensive line is a hotly contested battle all camp and will continue to be, but Fisher is a guy who the Chiefs need to to step his game up. So far not so good. Keep an eye on Fisher for the rest of the preseason, he is a very important part of this offensive line going into the year.

5) The kicking competition is real. This is no ploy by Reid and company, this is real. Succop vs Santos 2k14 is underway. Ryan Succop has provided stability at the kicker position ever since being draft as Mr. Irrelevant, but never has been outstanding. Succop has missed some long range field goals and missed a few others he should have made, but overall been pretty solid.

Pretty solid is not good enough for a team that feels they have the make up of a true contender. Reid wants a guy he can consistently call on to make a big kick from short or long range. Here is how Reid referred to the kicking competition between the two.

“Cairo I thought did a good job. They just traded kicks back and forth and I thought both of them kicked it well. I joke about that it’s like watching the World Cup before you hit the final 16 there, it seems to end in a tie every day.”

This is much better news for Santos than Succop, if it continues to be a tie, the Chiefs might be inclined to go with the younger, cheaper, more ambitious Santos. This is a very intriguing competition and its importance can not be stressed enough.