Seattle Seahawks: Preseason loss doesn’t matter

I don’t care that last night’s preseason opener was a Super Bowl rematch between the Seattle Seahawks and Denver Broncos. I didn’t care about the Seahawks’ winning streak in the preseason getting snapped.

The preseason means nothing. Nothing.

In a given preseason game, the starting sides play a few series of real ball, and then they are taken out of the game to avoid injury. After that it’s second and third stringers playing, but you know the whole lot of them are never going to be on the field at the same time during the regular season, so their lack of production doesn’t really bother you. It’s fun to see that one fifth round draft pick out of your favorite college get some playing time in the second half, but you know it’s a long shot he’ll see real action in a matter of weeks.

Honestly, why does the NFL have a preseason? Do we as fans and analysts learn so much by watching backups play? Well, we learn a minute amount.Byron Maxwell

Here’s what I got from last night’s game. Demaryius Thomas knows how to best Byron Maxwell. Cassius Marsh is going to be special off the end. Tharold Simon needs to cool it. A.J. Jefferson is a good baiter. Russell Wilson and his receivers are on the same page. Finally, the offensive line needs some work, but that will help once Russell Okung and James Carpenter are 100 percent.

Other than that, there weren’t any great revelations to be gained from last night’s preseason game. Besides, I could’ve gotten that from training camp.

And who cares about the resulting score? The game means nothing. The game is merely a chance to see players perform against players they haven’t seen in their respective training camps, and to give them a feel for what the speed of the game feels like. It then helps aid coaches in judging position battles, but that’s a big picture. The individual game itself has no meaning to it. So why do we do this when teams could just play exhibition games in training camp? I don’t understand.

These preseason games are frankly mind numbing for me. There’s no feel of competition like you get in the regular season. There’s no incentive to kick the teeth out of the opponent.

I would rather teams just stay in their training camps instead of playing each other. They should just keep their playbooks hidden until the regular season is under way and have their players duke it out in house. The Seahawks have a roster full of talent. They don’t need to play another team to find tests for their players who are locked in position battles.

The only thing the preseason really accomplishes for fans is to get them excited about football’s return. The preseason games themselves don’t do this, but the fact that teams are in the preseason does.

It’s like Spring Training in baseball. You don’t care about the games, you just care that it’s Spring Training and that means baseball is almost here.

Baseball has it right, now that I think about it. Baseball didn’t take Spring Training and then repackage it into a preseason in which teams play a meaningless series or two against other teams. Baseball just kept Spring Training and didn’t tease fans further with an asinine preseason.

Football should learn from baseball in this regard. Don’t repackage training camp and make us sit through a month of pointless “competition.”

  • Zack Phillips

    If you really wanna get nitpicky about the game last night, here’s the truth. Seattle had the game won had the RB not dropped the ball that was put right into his hands by the QB. The only thing in front of him had he caught the pass (once again it was right in both of his hands) was 5 yards of green turf. So last night was an ok night.

  • SARA

    The preseason games are more for coaches than fans. It’s all about who fits best in the roster. Players may look great on paper and fluke on the field. There is no way to know how a player is going to play until they go head to head in a NFL game.