Mexico Soccer: Who will be Mexico’s standouts in Europe this season?


The upcoming season in Europe is fast approaching, with various Mexican internationals spanning the continent, it will be a great season to follow the talented influx of Mexican internationals abroad. Here is a short list of Mexican internationals to keep track of this season.


Guillermo Ochoa

Guillermo Ochoa will be a very important asset to Malaga’s campaign this season. His move from France to Spain was a bit of a surprise, as he was greatly rumoured to be linked with some top clubs in England. But as one of the primary signings of the club, Ochoa will have to live up to his potential in one of the top leagues of the continent. Many believe that Malaga is a step down for Ochoa, but on the contrary, being  free of pressure in a a club like Malaga will be a perfect enviornment for Ochoa to thrive.

Hector Herrera

It was a surprise to see Hector Herrera stay in Portugal, after a tremendous World Cup in Brazil, many would have expected to see pricey offers for Herrera this summer, but it appears he will stay put. Herrera’s versatility may be better utilized this season after a small taste of his abilities this summer in Brazil.

Giovani and Jonathan Dos Santos

The brotherly combination will be interesting to watch this season. The enigma that is Jonathan Dos Santos will finally get his opportunity to blossom, after a long spell of inactivity with Barcelona’s first team, it seems fitting for Dos Santos to revive his career with his brother at Villarreal. Giovani who continues to be a pivotal player for Villarreal will be obligated to play the way he did last season, as one of El Tri’s most talented players he will have to contniue his fine form into next years Gold Cup. If all things go well for the brothers, then we will more than likely see them playing together for El Tri next summer.

Carlos Vela

Mexico’s top classmen will more than likely outshine his compatriots this season, as the best situated player in Europe, Vela is set to have another stellar season at Real Sociedad. The Basque side has brought out the best in Vela, if only Vela felt that same comfort with the Mexican national team then it would be do wonders for El Tri.