New York Giants: Biggest winners and losers from training camp

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Marcus Harris

The New York Giants have seen a vast amount of greatness and some lameness throughout their days at training camp. Today I’m going to break down six players’ performances and determine who’s proved to be the biggest winner and losers.

To get the ball rolling lets start off with a winner. Marcus Harris also known as soup has exploded off of the Giant’s practice squad and into training camp. The way soup, short for superstar, has been practicing he will no doubt make the 53-man roster. The receiver hopes to follow in Victor Cruz’s shoes and go from practice squad to the real thing.

Soup has been impressing and running camp. I think coming up from the practice squad is motivation enough to show them everything he’s got to offer to actually make the team. During the Bills game on Sunday Soup stepped up and caught four passes for 49 yards and saw some first team action. Soups really working so he’s a winner in my book.

The first loser to come to mind for me is Odell Beckham Jr. The hype for him was just so anticlimactic. He’s done nothing. Yes, he’s injured but he’s just so slow to get back into it all. Apparently he is close to returning but I feel like we all expected so much more. Tom Coughlin’s angry, the fans are angry; the first round draft pick has been an absolute dud. It’s highly unlikely that they would cut him from the team but he needs to impress. Beckham needs to have the plays down pat and hit the field knowing everything there is to know about the new offensive strategies. He needs to move the chains like we expected him to.

Devon Kennard has been winning for me for quite some time now. Kennard rose to the occasion during the Bills and the Steelers game and gave him the validation that he actually is NFL material. He played the linebacker position with finesse and succeeded. He joined the starters on the field and that’s all we can really ask for. He has impressed early and surely will continue to do so. Kennard is a source of strength and is absolutely one to watch.

Eli Manning is losing because he doesn’t seem too comfortable with the new offensive strategies. He was three and out on almost every drive he had. Clearly something needs to be fixed because what he is doing isn’t working. Against the Bills he went 6 of 7 but none of the passes were for more then 10 yards. That game play is never going to cut it in the regular season. Manning needs to step up and figure it out soon or else the Giants are done for.

Another winner is Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie. DRC is moving his way up and impressing his teammates. The 28 year old ex Eagle has lined up as cornerback and has been doing a solid job. His speed, high skill level, and exceptional coverage ability is setting him apart and the Giants couldn’t be happier. DRC is a force to be reckoned with and has made that fact clear at camp.

Another player who has been could be losing at camp is Peyton Hillis. Hillis injured his ankle on Tuesday and Coughlin has

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been vague on the details. The injury has caused him to be out for a little while and his return time is unknown. That uncertainty will put him at risk for his position. If he isn’t well Andre Williams could potentially sneak up and snag the backup spot for Rashad Jennings. It’s probably too early to tell but Hillis needs to get back in the game quickly.

The steaks are high for all of the players at this point so those losers’ best step up their game. There are just a couple weeks left of camp before regular season begins so every move will be watched closely. Stay tuned to see if these losers turn it around.

  • Kevin

    Firs of all, Jordan, just because a player is injured, does not mean that his stock has necessarily dropped. Sometimes they are held out as a precaution.
    And,”steaks”?? Really??

  • BRR

    Nice article, Jordan, but “steaks” are what you find at a restaurant, served with a baked potato and a nice Chianti.