Oakland Raiders: QB evaluation after preseason week 1

The Oakland Raiders only put points on the board Friday on one occasion, which brings major QB concerns to mind. Especially because the touchdown that made up all six of Oakland’s points came from Matt McGloin, who at this point is the third-string QB. As I mentioned in my last article, the Raiders’ run game is one thing fans can be comfortable with but is Matt Schaub at starting QB something we as fans can feel good about?

You might not think so after looking at Schaub’s numbers from Friday’s game but going forward I do think Schaub is Oakland’s starting QB. Although he had the least impressive numbers Friday out of the three QBs that played for Oakland, he showed great poise and experience in the pocket. He only played one quarter of the game, going 3-7 with 21 passing yards.

The only interesting thing about that 3-7 is I can remember two incomplete passes that were supposed to go to tight end Mychal Rivera and he couldn’t make the play. Both passes looked right where they needed to be, out of the reach of the defense, and Rivera just couldn’t come up with it. That tells me even though Rivera may have been outshining tight end David Ausberry, maybe it’s time to give him a few chances so he can prove his worth.

Also, I remember another incomplete pass by Schaub on third down that was the result of Andre Holmes‘ miscommunication. So, there are three of his four incomplete passes that could have been avoided. I’m not trying to say that those mistakes don’t happen and that Schaub couldn’t have done any better. What I am saying is Schaub’s numbers on Friday really don’t reflect how he played. I am excited to watching him lead the Silver and Black’s offense when the regular season finally gets here.

After Schaub came out of the game early in the second quarter, second-round draft pick Derek Carr came in to replace him. His first pass play was complete for 11 yards and a first down. He continued to do well and move the ball positively going 10-16 with 74 passing yards.

Carr didn’t look like your average rookie QB in preseason. He didn’t let the nerves get to him at all, instead he just went out there and did a job by moving the ball positively every time they had the ball. The only downside to Carr’s outing Friday was an interception that went directly through the hands of full back Olawale Jamize. The throw was a little higher than it should have been, but no doubt could have been caught for positive yards.

Oakland Raiders

Matt McGloin

The Raiders remain scoreless at this point until they brought in QB Matt McGloin who helped the Raiders out a good deal last season at the quarterback position. McGloin did very well with similar numbers to Carr, going 11-18 passing but where he stood out was getting 90 passing yards, which led all quarterbacks in the game. McGloin is set as the Raiders’ third-string QB but those numbers and his 10-yard touchdown run to put the only points on the board for the Raiders shows his athleticism deserves some time on the field.

The Raiders have great depth and talent at the QB position but what seams to be lacking at this point (which is obviously very early on in the season) is people to catch the football for the Raiders. Brice Butler was the leading wide receiver of the game with 44 receiving yards, but the Denarius Moore’s and Mychal Rivera’s must step up going into this regular season if they want to see any of these three QB’s succeed.


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  • Eli

    I think the Raiders made a big mistake here trading Pryor! He was the leader on offense! He made positive decisions and was on his way to becoming a good nfl quarterback! He knew the offense.
    Now about the Raiders going to Texas. Oakland is the home of the Silver and Black! If Davis wants a new stadium! Start putting a decent team on the field first! Enough of the 5 and 11 seasons! No one is gonna help a losing team!

  • Brutus

    Ausberry is out, and it is unclear how significant his knee “procedure” was. Rivera dropping two passes that could have been caught is disappointing since that is his strength. Schaub’s numbers would have been significantly better if you add those two catches – but as you pretty much said, those things happen to every QB in the league and become part of the stat line. Schaub has to play better in the next preseason game and I think he will. We also need to get more WRs involved. Matt McGloin is working to be Carr’s backup of the future and one injury away from starting – or earning a shot at a starting elsewhere. Never sell him short. The guy works, overcomes odds and plays well under pressure. He is only a third stringer for us this year because we drafted Carr as the starter and Schaub as the bridge. Looking forward to seeing more of the starting defense in Wk 2.