Michigan basketball: Biggest impact newcomer

The 2014-2015 Michigan basketball team will see a much different roster than last season. As the Wolverines lost one player to transfer, one player to graduation and three players to the NBA, many new faces will emerge this season to fill the holes. Michigan has lost most of its size and will most likely transition back to the very small lineup of years past.

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Kameron Chatman

This season could rely heavily on the incoming freshman and ability to use a four guard offense or use of another talented, long small forward. Kameron Chatman heads into this season with high expectations and is likely to start. Chatman is a long, athletic, 6-foot-7 small forward with a nice shooting touch and good handles for his size. With the loss of Nik Stauskas and Glenn Robinson III this past season, many players such as Chatman will need to step up and carry some of the offensive load. Chatman is ready to do that and can be a very confident scorer.

Chatman will have a big role this season and may have to play multiple positions, which he is very capable of doing. Not only is he a talented scorer but he can rebound and pass very well at multiple positions. A role as a skilled offensive four for a small lineup could fit pretty well for this freshman.

Looking at this season’s roster, a small lineup is extremely likely without a real center or a returning big man. Because of this lack of size, this young roster needs to use their speed, athleticism and shooting ability to overcome the lack of size for this Michigan roster.

Chatman is ranked 25 in the nation and is the third highest recruit entering the Big 10 as a freshman next season. Michigan is most successful when their coveted three point shooting is hitting on all cylinders. Having an athletic, four-guard lineup with a shooting threat at each position could propose danger against many other bigger and slower rosters.

Chatman can be a big help as an offensive stretch four or even five, bringing out his slower defenders and attacking the basket as well. Michigan and Coach John Beilein are known for their small lineups and four guard offenses with deadly shooting threats surrounding the perimeter.

Coach Beilein has the highest of hopes for incoming freshman Chatman. In an interview with Sports Illustrated’s Chris Johnson he expressed, “Kam has a unique ability to play either guard or forward because he is both an excellent rebounder and passer. His versatility and ability to see the floor gives him the potential of being an excellent play-maker, scorer, and defender for us at many different positions.”

Beilein could use Chatman in a manner similar to that of Zack Novak,who was a tough defender and exceptional rebounder as well as a threat from outside. Novak was not your typical forward and was smaller than all his opponents, but he still found success at that position. Chatman can be that tough, athletic unconventional forward that finds success in Beilein’s system.

College Basketball should be ready for the immediate impact of incoming freshman Kameron Chatman for the Michigan Wolverines.