Boston Celtics: The scoring of the starting five

Last week while talking about Jeff Green, I brought up how many games he scored between 0-9 points, 10-19 points, 20-29 points, and 30-39 points. I found it very interesting to see how often he scored a certain amount of points. With it being the middle of summer, and without much NBA news concerning the Boston Celtics, I decided to make a chart looking at last year’s starting five, and how often they scored within those ranges.

Scoring Distribution

Scoring Distribution

Looking at the chart, I think I might have been a little hard on Green. One perk of looking at a chart like this is that it’s easy to see how many games a given player played. While Green may have a frustrating amount of variance in his scoring, he played in every game. You have to give him that. You also have to appreciate the fact that of the starting five, no player scored as much as he did in the 30-39 range. Jared Sullinger was the only other player to even reach that plateau.

If anything, this gives more reason to be frustrated with Brandon Bass. In almost half of the Celtics’ games, Bass scored between 0-9 points. A starting power forward should be scoring much more than that. Also, would it be a little too much to ask for him to score more in the 20-29 range? Maybe just a little bit more?

Avery Bradley is surprising in a good way. Considering how much he is talked about for his defense, I would have expected his 0-9 point range to be more. He actually has a good amount of games scoring in the 10-19 range and even the 20-29 point range. With the new contract he signed, hopefully this trend continues.

Sullinger’s chart makes me optimistic for the 2nd year player. In only his sophomore season, Sullinger is only in the 0-9 point range about a third of the time. If he keeps improving and keeps the majority of his games over 10 points, and closer to 20, he is going to have a solid career.

Rajon Rondo was injured most of last season, and only played in 30 games, so there isn’t much we can draw from this. He did start a little slow, with five of his twelve 0-9 point games coming in his first five games. He then started to pick it up and pretty much gave the Celtics what they would normally expect from him.

Granted, this chart is only considering points. Much more goes into evaluating players, but I did find it interesting to see how the player’s scored throughout the season. Let’s just home Brandon Bass decides to score a little more next season.

  • bob

    The writer did write: “this chart is only considering points. Much more goes into evaluating players.” I certainly agree. FG % seems more meaningful. Bass was playing a role that didn’t ask him to shoot much. Bass is under-rated for all the things he does well and his improvement year over year. He even finally took a three three pt. shots and made two of them! It will be interesting if he has been making more threes and adds that to his skills. We also seldom hear much about how well a player makes others around them play better.