Chicago Cubs: Hendricks, Baez are the Crystal Ball

The excitement of prospects has been filling up most Chicago Cubs fans for the last couple of seasons, and now we have finally gotten a sneak preview of what the Cubs future will hold. Rookies like Javier Baez and Kyle Hendricks have shown a glimpse of what a winning Cubs team could hold, and with a lot more appearances to be made, the Cubs’ future is finally showing that light that we have been waiting for.

Kyle Hendricks has been the hottest pitcher on the Cubs in the last few weeks, winning his last three starts and giving up just three earned runs in his last 22 innings pitched. Hendricks has shown that he could be the real deal when it comes to being an ace, and that a young and talented Cubs rotation is not that far away.

On the offensive end, the talk of WrigleyVille has been new Cubs second baseman Javier Baez, who sparked many hopeful conversations with his rise to the majors. Although the strikeout numbers have been pretty high for him, he does have three home runs and six RBIs since his arrival.

Baez is currently batting .243 in his first eight major league games, and has been struggling to get on base. So though he has been lacking the last few games, there is no doubt that there is still hope for the young infielder to be the great player the Cubs believe he can be.

The talent lined up for the future is also something to be impressed with, as players like Albert Almora, Kris Bryant, Jorge Soler, and Addison Russell are players that we cannot wait to see in Cub uniforms. These types of guys are players that make all the bad seasons and debatable trades worthwhile, and somehow give us a feeling of looking through a crystal ball so that we can hopefully see a much brighter future ahead.

In the eyes of a Cubs fan, this future is filled with W flags waving across the friendly confines and maybe one day a World Series trophy thrown up to the sky with some green ivy in the background.