Green Bay Packers: No Matt Flynn on backup quarterback rankings

As we all know, the most important position on any football team is the quarterback.  The quarterback is the one who makes or breaks a team. When looking at the top teams in the league, they all have Pro Bowl caliber quarterbacks.

While the quarterback is the most important position, the second most position is often up for debate.  Many will say that a good running back is needed to balance the offense.  Others say that the left tackle is the second most important because it protects the quarterback’s blind side.  As for Green Bay Packers fans like myself, last year showed that the backup quarterback might be the most underrated position in football.

While I think that Matt Flynn is going to be the backup quarterback, has Scott Tolzien as the 19th best backup QB in the NFL.  When Aaron Rodgers broke his collarbone last year, Tolzien lost both of the games in which he started and completed the game.  As a starter, Flynn went 2-2, and also led the Packers on a furious rally to tie against the Minnesota Vikings.

While Tolzien is ranked number 19 and Flynn is unranked, here are some notables who are ranked ahead of both of them: Mark Sanchez (6), Ryan Mallett (8), Tarvaris Jackson (9), Brock Osweiler (13), and Chase Daniel (15).  While Sanchez and Jackson do have plenty of starting experience, both were run out of New York and Minnesota respectively.  Sanchez was scrutinized virtually his entire tenure with the Jets, while Jackson played very poorly as the quarterback of the Vikings.  For Mallett, Osweiler, and Daniel, they all have yet to be the main starter for any team.

Flynn, on the other hand, has the franchise record for passing yards in a game, and was key in the Packers staying alive in last year’s playoff hunt.  I understand that Tolzien showed some potential last year, which is why he might be considered the backup.  But, Flynn has shown he can play well in the Packers’ system, which is why I don’t understand why he is not ranked at all on this list.

  • toddbook

    It’s a ridiculous list for starters.

  • Jimmytoo

    The answer to your question is journalistic myopia.