More bad news for the Colorado Rockies

Troy Tulowitzki is out for the remainder of the season. Another hip injury has put Tulowitzki on an operating table and out of the Colorado Rockies lineup for the rest of 2014. The 29-year-old shortstop was hitting .340 with 21 home runs and 52 RBI before landing on the DL in mid-July. This marks just another disappointment to a growing list in Denver.¬†News of Tulo’s surgery overshadowed yet another blow to the Colorado Rockies in Carlo Gonzalez. Gonzalez’s knee looks to be worse than initial reports and he’s meeting with team doctors to determine how the Rockies want to proceed with their banged up outfielder.

With the trade deadline in the rear view mirror, and another year with Tulo on the DL, one is left to wonder what if? What if Dick Monfort would’ve traded Troy Tulowitzki. He was in the midst of an MVP season. The Rockies were as close to making the playoffs as I was to winning the $90 million Powerball (congratulations Claude G of Rifle). It is likely the Rockies would have been able to land some pitching while clearing financial room had they moved Tulo while they had the chance.Troy Tulowitzki

Unfortunately, those what ifs are going to haunt the Rockies for years to come. It is unlikely anyone will be interested in the injury-ridden Troy Tulowitzki for the price his contract carries. This means there’s a great chance Tulo begins and ends his career in the purple and silver.

Now the Rockies are looking at a similar situation unfolding in Carlos Gonzalez. All the talent in the world, huge upside, but just can’t stay healthy. And much like Tulo, the Rockies have locked up a great deal of their money, and their future in his abilities. If Cargo’s knee winds up being more than just tendinitis, one wonders if it is time to start evaluating his future with the club.

At the beginning of the season, Rockies owner Dick Monfort was quoted , “When Tulo and Cargo both play in the same game, I think we win 60 percent of the time. So you take 60 percent times 160 games and that’s 96 wins.” To see just where the Rox stand in comparison to that bold prediction, and I admit I check often, you can head over to the Denver Post’s website and check out the Rockies Record Tracker.¬†According to the tracker, the Rockies are going to need almost one and half seasons to reach 90 wins. Based upon the recent health history of both Tulo and Cargo, it is unlikely the Rockies enjoy the two of them in the lineup for an entire season. That means they’ll likely not win 60 percent of their games despite the talents of both.

Which leads us to yet another conundrum in Colorado. What to do with Cargo? While the winter meetings bring a lot of discussion and movement in the baseball world, now is the time for Dick Monfort to stop and make a decision regarding Cargo before an injury makes the decision for him. Do you hold on to him and hope he doesn’t wither physically like Troy Tulowitzki, and you’re left watching the rise and fall of superstar on your dime? Or do you cash him out in his prime before he literally grandfathers himself in? At the end of the day, it’s just all bad news in Rockies-town.