Boston Celtics: 2014-2015 schedule and story lines, part one

The 2014-2015 schedule for the Boston Celtics was just recently released. With minimal knowledge of what the final roster will even look like, let’s take a preliminary look at how the Celtics will fare for the season. This will be my first attempt to predict the record for the Celtics for the upcoming season. I will also highlight some interesting story lines and anything else that might catch my eye.


29 vs Brooklyn – L. The season starts out with a loss. Get ready for a lot of those. 


1 @ Houston – W. First win of the season comes against the Rockets, who will make the playoffs, but will have a rough season.

3 @ Dallas – L

5 vs Toronto – W

7 vs Indiana – W

8 @ Chicago – L. First game against the returning Derrick Rose. Rose matches Kobe Bryant’s streak of four straight games of 50 points, after playing the Magic, Bucks, 76ers, and Boston.

12 vs Oklahoma City – L

14 vs Cleveland – L. The first encounter with King James and his return to Cleveland. This will not be the rivalry that it was last time LeBron played for the Cavs. At least not for a couple of years. 

17 vs Phoenix – L

19 @ Philadelphia – W. The Celtics beat the 76ers, which will be a trend throughout the season. And not just for the Celtics. The 76ers might not get to double digit wins, something they will actually be happy with.

21 @ Memphis – L

23 vs Portland – L

28 vs Chicago – L

30 vs San Antonio – L


2 @ Atlanta – L

3 vs Detroit – W

5 vs Los Angeles Lakers – W. Oh how the mighty have fallen, in regard to both the Celtics and Lakers. The only way this game is entertaining is if Kobe is gunning for the points record and tries scoring 81 points again. 

7 vs Washington – W. Paul Pierce’s first game in Boston as a member of the Wizards. 

8 @ Washington – L

10 @ Charlotte – L

12 vs New York – W

15 @ Philadelphia – W

17 vs Orlando – W

19 vs Minnesota – W. The Celtics first look at Andrew Wiggins. It will still be too early to tell if the Cavs made the right choice, but between Wiggins, Zach LaVine, Marcus Smart, and James Young, this game will be a good look into the future of the NBA

21 @ Miami – L

23 @ Orlando – L

26 vs Brooklyn – W. What could be Kevin Garnett’s last game in Boston. What a sad thought. The NBA will forever be a much more calm and boring league once Garnett is gone. 

Kevin Garnett

Kevin Garnett

27 @ Washington – L

31 vs Sacramento – W. This could be the first game in which the Celtics play against Rajon Rondo, which I feel is the most likely trade destination for Rondo. 


2 vs Dallas – L

3 @ Chicago – L

5 vs Charlotte – L

7 @ Brooklyn – L

9 @ Indiana – L

10 @ Toronto – W

12 vs New Orleans – L

14 vs Atlanta – W

16 vs Chicago – L

19 @ Los Angeles Clippers – L

22 @ Portland – L

23 @ Denver – W

25 @ Golden State – L

26 @ Utah – W

28 @ Minnesota – W

30 vs Houston – L


1 vs Miami – L

3 @ New York – L

4 vs Denver – W

6 vs Philadelphia – W

7 @ Milwaukee  – W

11 vs Atlanta – L. The Celtics enter the All-Star break with a loss and no All-stars. Marcus Smart, James Young, and Kelly Olynyk, however, get invited to the Rookie-Sophomore game. 

Record at All-Star break: 21 – 30

Stay tuned as we finish up with part two, next week.

  • bob

    Are you going to re-write this when the season starts and after Ainge makes another trade and gets down to 15 players?