Mexico Soccer: Raul Jimenez makes keen move to La Liga’s Atletico Madrid


Raul Jimenez’s transfer saga ended with a surprise move to Spanish side Atletico Madrid. In the end, Jimenez made the best possible move for his career. Going anywhere else outside of Spain seemed a long shot, not impossible, but a much more strenuous process that Jimenez might not have been able to overcome. In Spain, Jimenez will have a better chance of growing as a player, at a club that was second best in Europe last season, falling only to Real Madrid in the Champions League final.

With Diego Simeone still at the helm, Jimenez will gain great depth to his game. Simeone was quite possibly the best manager in Europe last season, pulling a team from the ruins of Europa League action, back to the most important tournament in Europe and nearly conquering it. Jimenez still very young has alot to learn from Simeone.

Jimenez will be obligated to link up with his World Cup adversary Mario Mandzukic, another one of Madrids important signings this summer. With Diego Costa long gone, both Jimenez and Mandzukic will be forced to fill his absence. Along with recent signing Antoine Griezmann and captain Diego Godin, Los Colchoneras have a very strong squad to work with. It will take time, but being at a club like Atletico will dramatically improve Jimenez who has been showing promise with America in Mexico. Still Jimenez needs to aclimate himself quickly to the club, to find the confidence he needs to play the way he did in Mexico.

Jimenez will follow in the foot steps of  Mexican idols Hugo Sanchez and Luis Garcia, who also played at Atletico Madrid early in their careers. Only time will tell if Jimenez will be able to surpass the potential many in Mexico see in him.