Indianapolis Colts: the Trent Richardson dilemma

Week two of the Indianapolis Colts preseason saw Trent Richardson average 2.3 yards per carry. After another disappointing showing from a player who has had a disappointing career, what do the Colts do with him?

For now, they will have to give him the chance to carry the load heading into the 2014 season. Ahmad Bradshaw is coming off a neck injury and Dan Herron is an entirely unproven player, not to mention the fact that GM Ryan Grigson gave up a first round pick for Richardson. All this makes him the default starter come week one.

Now, it wasn’t all bad- he flashed potential on some runs but he looked far from consistent.

There were times where he would simply run into his own offensive lineman and struggle to find a hole to run through. Though this was mostly the fault of the offensive line, Richardson needs to run harder and chug through contact, instead of dancing around, looking for a hole that’s not there.

A sports science breakdown of Trent Richardson in college:

Some people would take this potential and say he didn’t really have a bad day running, that the line was abysmal up front. Even though this isn’t entirely untrue, as a top three pick in the draft, Richardson needs to show he can gain a few yards out of a bleak situation once in awhile.

I really, really hope that Richardson can prove to be a bell cow back and the Colts can be happy with their investment by the end of the season. But I am slowly and steadily losing hope for him.

Yes, he was running in a preseason game, and without two starting interior lineman, so it’s hard to judge how he’s going to play in the regular season, but these outings can still be a telling sign.

Here’s to hoping that Richardson can figure it out by week one against the Denver Broncos though. Go Colts!