Colorado Rockies: their year’s been a broken water main


The broken water main outside Coors field, which postponed the Colorado Rockies and Cincinnati Reds game last night, is the perfect metaphor for the Rockies season. Colorado has been leaking all season.

Currently, the Rockies disabled list includes Bret Anderson, Christian Bergman, Eddie Butler, Jhoulys Chacin, Tyler Chatwood, Tommy Kahnle, Carlos Gonzalez, and Troy Tulowitzki. Add in the injuries to Jordan Lyles, Nolan Arenado, and Michael Cuddyer (I’m sure I’ve forgotten some) and it’s not surprising that the Rockies now posses the second wost record in baseball, at 47-75.

Just to recap, the Rockies are missing five starting pitchers (that number had been as high as six before Jordan Lyles returned), and two perennial MVP candidates.


Troy Tulowitzki’s injury has been one of many this season for the Rockies.

Injuries cannot be easily explained away as bad luck or looked at as the product of bad team physicians. In the Rockies case, Anderson’s, Chatwood’s and Chacin’s injuries can be looked at as not unexpected, since all three have struggled with injuries throughout their careers. Both Bergman’s, Butler’s and Arenado’s injuries should be chalked up to bad breaks since both were fairly healthy, before they reached the majors. Cuddyer missing time this season can be attributed to his 35-year-old age, which is normally the age which baseball players bodies begin breaking down. And, of course, everyone in Denver knows the injury history of Gonzales and Tulowitzki.

Overall, the Rockies current plight can be explained as expecting injury prone pitchers and the aging Cuddyer to exceed what the laws of baseball tells us about injuries, they repeat themselves. Another piece of Rockies injury bind is that both Bregman and Butler were rushed to majors, due to other injuries. This is always dangerous for young players to have their major league timetable accelerated, because with increased expectations for young players comes loss of focus and pressing by the players, both of which contribute heavily to injury occurrences.

Finally, and probably most telling of the Rockies season and of the cruel nature of the game of baseball, has been the injuries to Cargo and Tulo. It is cruel that the baseball gods have blessed the Rockies with two of the finest players on the planet, only for both to be cursed with a slew injuries. Toying with Rockies fans, the baseball gods have given everyone a glimpse over the last four years of how successful the Rockies can be when both Cargo and Tulo are healthy. The Rockies have a .528 win percentage, between 2009-2013, when both started a game.

The absurdity of the Rockies situation can be explained as my reasoning that part of it comes from the cruelty of baseball gods. As unfortunate as it, the Rockies season cannot end quickly enough. Only time can heal the Rockies, because the water ran out on Rockies season awhile ago.

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