Stakes are high for the New York Yankees

With pressure from owner Hal Steinbrenner, the New York Yankees are facing one of their toughest seasons yet.

“They’ve got to step it up and they know it,” Steinbrenner said before the Yankees faced rival Baltimore Orioles last week.

The team took what he said and used it as motivation as they won two out of their three game series against the Tampa Bay Rays and slid into second place in the AL East. Now 63-59, something tells me they won’t have a problem “stepping it up” in their series against the Astros who are currently 52-73 and almost dead last in the entire American League. Following that, the Yanks play the White Sox, so needless to say I’m expecting a clean sweep by the Bronx Bombers.

“I am confident.” Dangerous words, but Steinbrenner believes in his talented team. While the Yankees may have convinced him, I’m not quite sure if I’m satisfied with their efforts myself.

Coming off of a season where they didn’t make the postseason the year before already meant there were going to be high expectations. Have the Yankees exceeded those expectations? I don’t think so. Injuries happen, I get it. It’s the actions that take place to rebound from them that I look for.

What have we seen so far? Masahiro Tanaka, Ivan Nova, CC Sabathia, Michael Pineda, David Phelps all out for either all or most of the season. All are pitchers, meaning their shortcomings stem from the bullpen.

What has been done about it? Pineda comes off the DL after barely finishing rehab and starts the game well, but it ends in a loss for the team. In one of their most important games of the season, Chase Whitley and Adam Warren together give up seven runs resulting in a whopping 11-3 loss for the Yankees. The losing pitcher of that game was Chris Capuano who was acquired from the Colorado Rockies in July.


It’s difficult for me to see any of the newest Yankees pitchers make the cut for the 2015 season besides Brandon McCarthy who turned his own season around, beginning with a 5.01 ERA and now is down to 4.24. Maybe the team needs another postseason off in order to get their team together and back into good health.

We’ll definitely see the return of Tanaka next season and Steinbrenner said he’s expecting Alex Rodriguez‘s comeback after his suspension in January.

“That’s what he’s planning for. That’s what we’re planning for,” Steinbrenner said. “Alex will be ready.”

I understand the Yankees need to take risks in order to progress, but maybe they’ve taken one too many this season. I would like to say I’m confident in the team and management, but honestly none of their actions seem reassuring to me. This week should be a breeze for the team and if we see any different then what’s left of my confidence will be lost.

  • Gollywobbles

    So the Steinbrenner boys have awakened? Where have they been hiding the past few years as the Yanks bumbled their way out of the playoffs? Those high priced AARP seniors who hit their stride 5-10 years ago were apparently NOT the answer! What made them think Ellsbury would magically return to his 2011 form? One great season in 8 now — and NYY is stuck with him for years! They should try to pawn him off to the Dodgers! Roberts — gold gloves etc. yet he had but 21 RBI and led the team in errors, then they got Prado, who already had more errors than Roberts! The NYY should be able to afford copies of Who’s Who in Baseball for Cashman and Dopey Joe — that alone would save them money and heartbreak! Drew did not make it with Boston, and now NYY is thrilled with with 169 average! I fear Drew will be Jeter’s replacement next year — Yanks would be better off asking Jeter to come back, despite his drop in power and RBI.

  • Richard Shattuck

    It’s hard enough just to win a series, to say nothing about a sweep. Remember the opening series, when the Astros took 2 of 3? They’re better now than they were then. And the White Sox will likely throw Chis Sale at the Yanks. Winning four of the six is probably realistic, and definitely critical.