WWE SummerSlam: Brock Lesnar decimates John Cena

Brock-Lesnar-wwe-32305278-1133-972Not many of us saw that one coming.

People expected Lesnar to walk away the champion, but not that way. Brock Lesnar tore John Cena apart from bell to bell.

Never before have fans seen Cena beaten down this way. The 15-time World Champ has been on top of the company for almost a decade and his “never give up” mentality has been showcased in not only every victory he has earned, but his defeats too.

That was not the case on Sunday night.

Lesnar started the match with an all out assault of the champ. Less than a minute into the match Lesnar hit Cena with an F-5 that set the stage for the mauling that proceeded.

The German Suplex is a move that has been used by some great champions, but it was never utilized the way Lesnar used it at SummerSlam. Brock Lesnar hit Cena with SIXTEEN German Suplexes. It was the most ever in a match, and it made Lesnar look absolutely dominant.

If I remember correctly, I remember Cena having two offensives. One of which including getting off an Attitude Adjustment for a close two-count, and the other was an STF that Lesnar powered out of. That was it. That was the only offensives the 15-time World Champ had on Sunday.

Lesnar eventually hit another F-5 to seal a shocking victory that has a lot of people wondering how the face of the company got manhandled so badly.

Twitter reacted to the victory:

Very few people saw that one sided of a match coming, but people want to know what WWE does from here.

Who is ever going to beat someone who just decimated the company’s top guy? Seth Rollins has the Money in the Bank briefcase, so that could lead to something down the line, but it is still really hard to imagine someone beating Lesnar.

We now have a part-time champion. Judging from how strong Lesnar looked, we may be looking at a part-time champion for long, long time.

Believe that.