Boston Red Sox: Checking in with old friends

The Boston Red Sox opening day roster is drastically different than the roster we see today. There are plenty of players that Sox fans still want to see succeed on other teams, while others not so much. Ranging from Jon Lester to Chris Capuano, let’s take a look at how these ex-Sox are doing elsewhere.

Jon Lester– Lester is the one person all Bostonians would love to see back in town. While Oakland has been falling back as a team, likely due to the loss of their cleanup hitter who now bears a Red Sox jersey, Lester has done fine transitioning to the west. He has gone 3-1 in four starts, including a three-hit shutout against Minnesota. His 2.93 ERA is a bit higher than it was this year with the Red Sox, but his 1.08 WHIP is a few points lower. Despite Lester’s prowess, it is unclear whether the A’s won this trade. Lester only plays every five days, while it is rather apparent that their offense is now hurting on a daily basis without Cespedes.

John Lackey hasn’t been pitching as well in St. Louis as he did in Boston.

Jonny Gomes– Jonny still isn’t an everyday player and is playing even less with Oakland, getting only five starts since being traded. Combine that with four singles in 19 at-bats and it is understandable that the A’s offense isn’t faring well. Gomes will have to provide some clutch hits if he wants approval from his old fans in Oakland.

John Lackey– While Lester has proven his value on his new team, Lackey has done quite the opposite. In three starts, Lackey has allowed 13 runs in 19 innings, good for a 6.16 ERA. The Cardinals have managed to win two of his three starts, but Lackey will need to adjust to the National League in time for the playoffs or else the Cardinals may not even want him pitching for them next year for the $600,000 option.

Andrew Miller– Miller has been nothing short of dominant in his brief career with Baltimore. In eight appearances, Miller has allowed only two hits and one run. His BB/9 has gone up by about 25%, but is still nowhere close to his wilder days earlier in his career. There’s no doubt the Orioles are pleased with the big lefty reliever’s performance and he should be a great compliment to fellow southpaw reliever Zach Britton down the stretch.

Felix Doubront– Doubront is not one of the players Sox fans are probably rooting for, as his attitude was frankly awful before he left. Doubront isn’t performing well for the Cubs either, the Iowa Cubs, that is. Doubront has a 5.40 ERA in two starts in triple-A and isn’t really proving himself to be a major league starter, which he so vehemently believes himself to be.

Stephen Drew– Drew wasn’t hitting well in Boston and the move to the Bronx hasn’t helped his approach at the plate one bit. He continues to hit below the Mendoza line at .157 and his move to second base hasn’t been flawless. With three errors in 11 starts at 2B, Drew is probably counting down the days until Derek Jeter retires, but he is going to have to hit better if he expects a new contract from the Yankees.

Jake Peavy– The Giants are currently sitting in the second wild card spot in the NL and they are relying on Peavy to have quality outings every time he hits the mound. Peavy has struggled to get wins, just as he did in Boston, but his ERA is almost a full run better at 3.86. Nobody expected Peavy to return to his 2007 form by going back to the NL West, but the Giants will probably be happy if he continues to keep his ERA in the ballpark of 3.75.

A.J. Pierzynski– Like Doubront, Pierzynski isn’t going to get any cheers from Boston fans from now on. Pierzynski was not liked in the clubhouse and his antics when the Red Sox visited St. Louis didn’t earn him any brownie points. Pierzynski has played decent for the Cardinals, posting a .273 average, but only has two extra base hits in 16 games. If Yadier Molina returns before season’s ends, Pierzynski will find himself on the bench and could be at the end of his 17 year career.

Chris Capuano– His time with Boston was brief, but he’s now contributing for the Yankees, as so many ex-Sox seem to do. Capuano has made four starts, including one against the Red Sox, and has posted an ERA of 3.60 with a 1.16 WHIP. He has been a solid pick-up for the Yankees so far and could play a pivotal role in the Yankees playoff push for better or worse.

Mike Carp– Carp was picked up by the Texas Rangers a few days after he was placed on waivers by the Red Sox. Like Drew, a change in uniform hasn’t helped his batting average and lack of production at the plate. Carp has four singles and four walks in 27 plate appearances for the worst team in baseball. Carp was very useful in limited playing time for the Sox in 2013, but hasn’t been anywhere close to that in 2014.

Grady Sizemore– Those who thought Sizemore’s comeback attempt was over after he was released by the Red Sox were wrong, as Sizemore has played quite well for the Phillies. While still lacking the power he once had, Sizemore has hit at .297 in 31 games in Philadelphia. He’s been in a similar platoon role that was used in Boston, starting at each and every outfield position when he gets the chance.