Cleveland Cavaliers: Shawn Marion signing a big win

The Cleveland Cavaliers just keep adding power to their roster as they signed NBA veteran and four time All-Star, Shawn Marion.Dallas Mavericks

With LeBron James returning to Cleveland and Kevin Love awaiting his trade date, the Cavaliers are in good shape to reach a championship. With the salary cap looking slim, the Cavaliers signed Marion for a one year deal worth $1.4 million dollars.

Sources say that Marion was thinking about signing with the Indiana Pacers, Los Angeles Clippers, and Miami Heat. He is on a mission to win a championship just like LeBron James was four years ago when he signed with Miami.

Marion brings a strong defensive game, and he averaged 15.8 points throughout his career as well as 9.0 rebounds. He also brings a lot of playoff experience, as he has been in the playoffs 10 times during his 15 seasons in the league. He has played in 103 NBA playoff games and won a title with the Dallas Mavericks, who he played with the past five seasons.

Even though Marion is getting into the late stages of his career, he still is able to produce good numbers and contribute to his team. Last season he averaged 10.4 points and 6.5 rebounds a game for Dallas.

The Cleveland Cavaliers did well by signing Marion and I believe that they will definitely be a strong contender in the East and even the league. He has the ability to be a strong starter or fill the sixth man role that would make him a good fit with the Cavs.

He is very durable and has played an average of 72 games over the past five years. If he can contribute n a regular basis, that will help take some work load off of James. He could really use a break every now and then, as he did most of the work last time he was in Cleveland, and never won a championship.’s John Schuhmann made a good point, “Marion will be the Cavs’ Shane Battier,” he wrote, “He can guard power forwards and allow James to play on the perimeter defensively in those small-ball, more athletic lineups.”

Dallas Mavericks

Shawn Marion

With the signing of Marion, the Cavaliers have also acquired three point shooters James Jones and Mike Miller, both who formally played with LeBron James in Miami.

There has also been talk that Ray Allen might join the Cavaliers team as well. He is still undecided on whether or not he will retire or return to the courts. If he returns, most likely he will want to go play with LeBron in Cleveland and try and win one more ring before he finally throws in the towel.

  • Morris Fultz

    Cleveland has a shot at winning an NBA championship for the first time ever. They will surely be the team to beat in the East. Stay tune. Great article.