UFC: Eddie Alvarez, we made it

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Eddie Alvarez at a post fight press conference with the Bellator lightweight championship belt.

Sometimes I wonder if there is a God, and if God does really exist, does he, she or it actually answer prayers. I mean I have prayed for numerous things like cute girl friends, super fights, and a taco bell that doesn’t make me sick, but to no avail.

Well it seems like I no longer need to wonder because one of my biggest prayers has finally been answered.

Eddie Alvarez is in the UFC folks. Yes, this is not a dream, no more what ifs, possibly, or maybes.

UFC: Eddie Alvarez finally in the UFC?

After years of fighting with and for Bellator MMA, Eddie Alvarez has been unchained from his contract and given free reign to pursue deals with other organizations and on Tuesday, August 19, 2014 Alvarez jumped at the opportunity to sign with the UFC.

Alvarez had been fighting for Bellator since 2009 and has been their marquee fighter for the past five years. Alvarez was considered the best lightweight not signed to the UFC and it was only a matter of time until the 25-3 fighter would become part of the UFC’s stacked 155-pound division.


Alvarez getting ready to fight as soon as the bell rings.

Alvarez’s time to enjoy the new contract will be short lived because on September 27, 2014 he will be thrown into the flames and given the co-main fight against fourth ranked lightweight, Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone, at UFC 178.

Cerrone is on a four fight win streak and has fought exceptionally well over that stretch, earning fight bonuses in every one of those victories, which include wins over Evan Dunham, Edson Barboza and Jim Miller.

Meanwhile, Alvarez is on a three fight win streak and has won ten out of his last eleven fights, including winning and defending the Bellator lightweight strap four times.

Alvarez was set to have a rematch with Michael Chandler, putting and end to the trilogy between the two athletes but when the big show calls, you don’t let it go to voicemail.

If Alvarez can beat Cerrone at UFC 178, one would think that automatically puts him right into the title contention talks with other big names like Benson Henderson and Gilbert Melendez, who is already set to fight for the title later this year.

If Alvarez can win in impressive fashion, against Cerrone, that may leap frog him over the rest of the competition and put him next in line for a title shot.


Cerrone walking the cage after another tough fight in the UFC octagon.

But Cerrone will be no easy task. Cerrone has fought under the bright lights, against the best the UFC has to offer, and the fight against Alvarez will be nothing new for the Cowboy.

Regardless of both men’s accolades, one thing is for sure. They are going to scrap!

There will be no pitter-pattering, between the two men, no feeling out process.

We might as well call this fight Daniel Day-Lewis because there will be blood.

But seeing that this fight is still over a month away for now we can all just relish in the fact that God does truly exist and if you pray long and hard enough, he, she or it will add your favorite fighter to the UFC roster.

Eddie Alvarez is a UFC fighter, something he should have been a long time ago.