If the Boston Celtics were a football team

I had some fun last week coming up with hypothetical story lines and situations for the Boston Celtics and their upcoming season. So, with football right around the corner, let’s see what positions the Celtics’ players would play if they switched sports.

Brandon Bass– Tight End

Brandon Bass / Rob Gronkowski

Brandon Bass / Rob Gronkowski

The tight end position in the NFL is littered with players who have a background in basketball. Basketball skills seem to translate the best for tight ends and Bass’ weight matches pretty well with the average tight end. He is slightly taller, but he could be a great run blocking and goal line tight end, considering he is most likely slower than the average tight end.

Jeff Green– Wide Receiver

Green is also taller than the average WR. In fact, that pretty much goes for every player on this list and their respective positions. Green’s length would make him a nightmare to cover. He also weighs more than the average WR, which should help him create space of the defensive backs. Unfortunately for fantasy players, he would be one of those super inconsistent WR’s that couldn’t be counted on for points on a week to week basis.

Avery Bradley / Darrelle Revis

Avery Bradley / Darrelle Revis

Avery Bradley– Cornerback

Bradley could be a lock down cornerback. He is ruthless and does not hesitate to full court press other point guards. His innate defensive abilities and his speed would help him succeed in this position. He is also slightly taller than the average CB, which could help him scout the defense and read the quarterback.

Kelly Olynyk– Defensive End

Olynyk has great footwork in the post and has quick hands. Those skills, combined with his size, would help him beat offensive linemen and get him to the QB. His length would also be a great benefit at the line, blocking the QB’s vision and disrupting passes. He might be a little slow, but his length and footwork should make up for it.

Rajon Rondo– Safety

Rondo’s size, speed, and intelligence would make him a great safety. His ability to read the floor and run a team would allow him read the offensive and react quickly. And although he may seem small, he would be a great tackler and have the instincts to get a few interceptions.

Marcus Smart- Quarterback

Marcus Smart / Tom Brady

Marcus Smart / Tom Brady

It may be cliché to say a point guard should be a quarterback, but I really feel Smart could be a great QB. He is hyper competitive, extremely confident, and will be a great leader. He would have what it takes to stare down a defense, evade DB’s, and make quick decisions about where to get the ball.

Evan Turner– Running back

He would be slightly tall for a running back, but that would give him an advantage in seeing downfield and would help compensate for his average speed. He also has a knack at getting to the basket, which will help him run through traffic. Running backs also seem to flame out pretty quickly, and Turner’s career might already be past its peak.

Now, they might not be the New England Patriots, but a football team consisting of those players would have a real chance of winning some games. That team would probably have more wins at the end of a football season than the 76ers will have at the end of the next basketball season.

  • therealwaKiL

    wouldn’t rondo be the QB?