Chicago Cubs: All’s well that ends well

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Chicago Cubs

On Tuesday August 19th, the Chicago Cubs began a three game series against the San Francisco Giants. Little did they know, it would take almost two full days to record a win they thought they had early Wednesday morning.

After jumping out to an early 2-0 lead thanks to an Anthony Rizzo two-run home run in the first inning, the Cubs managed to keep the Giants scoreless for four and a half innings. During the Top of the fifth inning, it began to rain. The crew chief Hunter Wendelstedt, decided not to stop the game and wanted to finish the top half of the fifth. The two teams were able to get through the top half and as the two teams were going to come out for the bottom half, Wendelstedt decided to call for the tarp.

The Wrigley Field grounds crew proceeded to roll the tarp onto the field. As the grounds crew began to pull the tarp onto the field, it became evident that something was not right as almost half of the field was not covered. It then started to rain extremely hard and the grounds crew had to bring out additional tarps after being unable to pull the tarp any longer. After 15 minutes of down pour and the field being soaked, the rain stopped.

The removal of the tarp gave sight to what was an infield that was underwater at Wrigley. The grounds crew then worked for hours, as a 15 minute down pour turned into a 4 hour 34 minute delay, until at approximately 1:30 am CST when the game was called and the Cubs were awarded a rained shortened 2-0 win over the Giants.

The Giants immediately filed a protest to the league and won the protest after the league came to the decision that the Wrigley Field tarp was rolled up incorrectly causing issues when using it during the down pour. This is exactly what the Giants were hoping to hear and not what the Cubs wanted to hear as they thought that they had won the game.

After an almost two hour rain delay before the scheduled restart time of 4:05 pm CST, the Cubs and Giants finally resumed the Tuesday night game that was ultimately suspended. The won protest by the Giants did not end up helping as the team ultimately lost anyways 2-1.

Although the Cubs may not have agreed with having to essentially give a win back, they were able to come out and hold the Giants to one run to ensure that they got the win this time.