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Brady Hoke

A quick update on Michigan Football during fall camp as discussed during the media conferences held with Coach Brady Hoke on Wednesday, August 20th and Friday, August 22nd.

Improvement and progress. Those were the key words said by Hoke throughout both media conferences. A positive implication, yet Hoke asked and answered himself:

“Are we ready? Not yet.”

The offensive line is a big question mark. This was the weakest position group last season, allowing more tackles for loss than any other program in the nation. The starting positions for the offensive line is still a work in progress as we head into the first game against Appalachian State. According to Hoke the tentative starters are: Ben Braden at right tackle, Mason Cole at left tackle, Erik Magnuson at left guard, Jack Miller at center (until Graham Glasgow comes back) and it’s still an open competition for right guard among Kyle Bosch, Joey Burzynski and Kyle Kalis. This isn’t set in stone yet.

One of Hoke’s goals going into fall camp was to straighten out and improve the offensive line. When asked if he felt as if he accomplished this goal, he confidently answered that this is a position that has made a great amount of progress. He seemed excited that he now has a range of players to work with at this position and I think this season we will see a huge turn around from the offensive line.

Hoke seemed to emphasize Cole and Braden as making huge improvements during fall camp. He seemed very happy with them and I would look for both as potential impact players on the field this season. Braden is a RS sophomore standing 6-6, 322 pounds. With his physique and apparent improvement, he may be a potential breakout player for the offensive line.

Hoke also mentioned that he is happy with Devin Gardner’s improved confidence and positive demeanor during practice, which has also been motivating for his teammates. When asked who the team captains will be, Hoke did not reveal. But he did indicate that he is impressed by the leadership among each class and happy with the positive competition within each position group.

On the defensive line, Hoke seemed more confident in that position than any of the others. He emphasized that because of their experience and their improvement, he has faith in them this season.

Coach Hoke continuously emphasized the positive energy he’s seen throughout fall camp, which is very reassuring (and personally gets me excited for this upcoming season). I think we will see a different team out there than last year. I expect to see a team with a new found confidence, a lot of passion, and improved communication.

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