San Francisco Giants: Whiff on another Cuban Star

The San Francisco Giants missed out on another Cuban sensation as they decided not to take a risk on Cuban star Rusney Castillo. The Giants need a player like Castillo and had an opportunity to land him, but failed. Will they regret it or do they know what they are doing?

The 7 year 72.5 million dollar contract that Castillo received is not outrageous. It’s in line with the money that the outfield market will be demanding this coming off-season. It’s not known exactly how much money the Giants offered Castillo, but what is known is if the Giants wanted Castillo than they would have ended up with them. There’s no excuse for not getting a player like Castillo; who is a true leadoff hitter, has speed, power and could potentially be a much higher impact player than what current leadoff hitter Angel Pagan is.


The Giants not signing Rusney Castillo is disappointing. They don’t have any outfield depth at all and he would have provided excitement.

Castillo has more speed than Pagan, he’s just as good of a defender, and he can also play multiple outfield positions. Although, out of all the scouting reports that were out there about Castillo, most came to the conclusion that he’d end up being a left-fielder in professional baseball. That would mean the Giants wouldn’t have to replace Pagan. They could add Castillo, who might not be the power hitter that Morse is, but he would certainly give them more speed and versatility in their outfield which is what most teams are going to now.

Anytime you have scouting reports as well as videos that look as impressive as they do about a specific player, you want the team that you follow to sign them. Castillo would have given so much excitement to Giants fans, as they’ve seen Yoenis Cespedes and Yasiel Puig up close and the excitement they cause.

Also with the Giants not signing Castillo it leaves a question to be asked like; who’s the left-fielder going to be next season as the Giants seem intent on over-paying Sandoval. It looks as if they will meet his demands of a contract worth about 20 million a year for 5 years. If that’s the case, it limits their ability to sign other players as they will have almost all of their money invested in the combination of Hunter Pence, Matt Cain, Tim Lincecum and Sandoval. Combined those four would average 18-20 million dollar per year.

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Given Angel Pagan’s injury history having Castillo instead of Gregor Blanco as the versatile outfielder would have provided the Giants with a lot more outfield depth. (USATSI)

By signing Castillo they would have had a quality and versatile security blanket in case Pagan got injured. The best teams in baseball really have quality and versatility, with players who can play multiple positions and also give production. The Giants don’t have that. They have players who really only play one position.

Not signing Castillo is a mistake on the Giants part. They always seem to get outbid on big contracts like this. Last year they didn’t pony up and sign Jose Abreu, who is the runaway rookie of the year in the American League and mega-star in baseball. Whether or not missing out on Castillo will cost the Giants in the future remains to be seen. It’s quite clear that the Giants needed another star alongside Posey and Pence, and Castillo would have been that guy.