Seattle Seahawks: Conclusions from Bears game

If the Seattle Seahawks indicated they were ready for the regular season last week vs. San Diego, last night’s game vs. Chicago absolutely proved it.

Russell Wilson torched the Bears defense through the air and on the ground, Beast Mode Marshawn Lynch made the most of his touches, and the defense stymied the Bears’ number one offense en route to a 34-6 thrashing.

Seattle’s starters played the entire first half and into the third quarter, and both sides of the ball were clicking. Even special teams made a few splashes, from Percy Harvin‘s opening kick return of nearly 50 yards to Earl Thomas‘s 59 yard punt return. Let’s not forget Ricardo Lockette‘s tackle early in the fourth quarter off a Jon Ryan punt. That hit was smash mouth football at its finest.

Seattle Seahawks

Russell Wilson looked more than ready for the regular season last night.

At this point, there’s literally nothing worrying me about this Seattle Seahawks team. Several key guys who were injured for much of training camp finally saw the field last night, including guys like Malcolm Smith and Kam Chancellor. The Seahawks weren’t committing penalties, instead allowing Chicago to commit the majority. The offensive line looked solid against a strong Chicago front. Russell Wilson had to dance out of danger a few times when things got hot, but his stats indicate he had sufficient time and space to throw. Wilson was 15-20 through the air for 202 yards and two touchdowns, and his accuracy on those completions were beautiful. He was hitting guys in stride and threading the needle. It was a splendid sight.

I mentioned the offensive line’s great pass protection. They also created some holes on the ground and downfield on screen plays. J.R. Sweezy in particular excelled in downfield blocking. He annihilated a Bears corner on a Seattle third and long that gave Christine Michael at least eight more yards. For all of his inconsistent play last year, Sweezy has come on strong this preseason and looks to be a solid anchor at right guard.

Justin Britt also fared well at right tackle. His fifteen yard penalty for clipping was his biggest blemish, but I replayed his block at least ten times and I didn’t see anything wrong with it. He went down and took out a blitzing linebacker’s legs. If he hadn’t made the play, Seattle wouldn’t have gotten positive yardage on it. I thought it was a solid instance of Britt sacrificing his body for the team. Besides that play, though, there’s of course still work to be done. Britt was stood up a few times by a solid pass rush and it forced Wilson to move a little, but he didn’t get burned. All in all, the rookie’s looking good.

There were two defensive players who aren’t normally in the spotlight that impressed me. Linebackers Heath Farwell and Marcus Dowtin were very disruptive last night. Farwell came up with five tackles and had a nice sack on Jordan Palmer, and I like him as a backup outside linebacker.

Dowtin had three tackles, one for a loss, late in the game and displayed some nice explosiveness. I’ll surely be watching him next week against the Raiders.

The talent throughout this Seattle Seahawks team has amazed me, and the starters were especially firing on all cylinders last night. After the past two weeks, I think a final preseason game for the Seahawks is unnecessary.

Bring on the Packers.



  • Shoot To Thrill

    I too think it’s time for the Rat killing to begin, Seattle is going to be the team to beat this season and if their opponents don’t bring their A+ game along with them they will fall far short of getting anything done accept get a good lesson in how the game is really supposed to be played… This is an extremely well coached and talented group of players… GO HAWKS!!!!!

  • Bo Radley

    Well done. Preseason usually finds defenses far ahead of the offense – and it generally takes a few games into the season before offenses start to gel. Not so here. The ‘Hawk offense looks to be the shining star of camp and the defense is still trying to fill gaps left by the departed. But calling the Seattle defense weak is a real stretch, as Chicago and SD discovered. If the rest of the NFL needs a few weeks before their offenses click, they could already be looking at the tail lights of the Seahawks. Barring serious injury, Seattle looks like a true juggernaut.

  • Dave Emerson

    And, all the players, so intelligent!

  • Alpha_Hawk

    @ Max….couldn’t of said it better……..GO HAWKS !!!!!!

  • Max

    This team is so well coached, so willing to put in the work, so willing to make the sacrifices, so talented, so deep, so committed to winning, so athletic, so fast, so physical, so supportive of each other, so grateful to their fan’s, so committed to excellence, so loves playing the game of football…So expect back to back championships!

    • Ray Lewis