Chicago Cubs: Playoff picture will be influenced by Cubs

Chicago Cubs

Chicago Cubs

After today’s 2-1 victory over the first-place Baltimore Orioles, the Chicago Cubs were able to complete the sweep against a team that had only been swept one time all season long. This series was the second consecutive series against a team that is in contention for a playoff spot, a theme that will be familiar from here on out.

The remainder of the Cubs schedule is filled with teams that are in serious contention for a playoff spot. Starting tomorrow, the Cubs will have an opportunity to seriously impact the playoff picture, specifically in the National League Central Division. Here is a breakdown of what the Cubs schedule will look like:

Seven games versus the St. Louis Cardinals ( four Away, three Home)

Six games versus the Cincinnati Reds ( three Away, three Home)

Six games versus the Milwaukee Brewers ( three Away, three Home)

Six games versus the Pittsburgh Pirates  ( three Away, three Home)

Four games versus the Los Angeles Dodgers (Home)

Three games versus the Toronto Blue Jays (Away)

25 of the Cubs last 32 games will be against Central Division foes in which they will be able to impact the playoff chances of each team. As was shown this weekend, the Cubs can certainly impact a playoff race and in a big way. The pitching staff has been especially good, and if a team is matched up against Jake Arrieta in a series, that one game against the Cubs ace could be the difference from a playoff spot and being sent home.

Although the Cubs may not have much to play for, and certainly would not like to be in a position to play the spoiler role, they will certainly embrace it and try to ensure that they can impact the race in any way possible. The Cubs have also proven to be a very dangerous team with a young line up that continues to add pieces as well as a pitching staff that has been very good for the most part all season long.

The Cubs organization does not plan on being a playoff spoiler for very much longer, but while they are in this position they should embrace it and try as best they can to spoil a teams season. After all if the Cubs can not make the playoffs, why should they not try to ensure that everyone else will.

The spoiler role is not one that teams wish to be in, but it can be made into a bunch of fun so long as you spoil the party.