Indianapolis Colts: Week 3 pre-season recap

Man that was tough to watch. The first team offense and defense both had a rough showing against a talented New Orleans Saints team. Even the mighty Andrew Luck didn’t have a great night throwing the ball.

It was Reggie Wayne’s first live football action since his injury against the Denver Broncos last year. Even though neither of his catches counted, it was nice to see him back out there running and making plays again.

T.Y. Hilton was another story. He dropped a few passes and looked all around abysmal with the first team offense. While Hakeem Nicks wasn’t really prevalent in the game.

Reggie Wayne highlights:

As I mentioned before, Luck looked bad, throwing an interception and almost throwing another one earlier in the game. The offensive line didn’t really help his cause either.

The line also looked mediocre at best in run blocking.

Running back Trent Richardson had some flashes of being a productive running back in the NFL, let’s just hope that continues into the regular season and that he can raise his yards per carry.

Defensively, I thought the line had a good start stopping the run and the secondary did a good job in pass coverage throughout. What was lacking, and caused the defense to come unraveled, was the pass rush: there was absolutely none.

There were times where Bjoern Werner got some pressure, but he never finished on any of them.

However, I really like Werner’s skill set, he has looked good as an all-around outside linebacker and I am excited to see him in the regular season.

However, his running mate, Erik Walden, should not be starting. He’s abysmal in pass rushing and average AT BEST in other areas. He’s not a starting caliber outside linebacker, and other players needed to be given opportunities to start over him.

I really like Jonathan Newsome as a situational pass rusher, and Cam Johnson has had a nice pre-season as well. Not to mention Andy Studebaker, who has been solid as both an inside and outside linebacker.

Speaking of defensive stand outs, Zach Kerr and Henoc Muamba had solid outings once again.

Kerr has looked spectacular all pre-season and should help provide good depth and potential pass rushing help for the defensive line.

Muamba has made plays here in there, mostly in the New York Jets and the New Orleans Saints games. He had a nice strip sack towards the end of the game and made some tackles in the open field as well.

All in all, not much to worry about, it’s the pre-season and now is the time to be making these mistakes and learning from them.

The Colts are a very talented team and they should be fine once the real games start. They just have to stay focused and learn from these mistakes. Go Colts!