New York Mets: Colon still possibly a trade target

Just because the July 31 deadline has passed doesn’t mean teams cannot make trades. The New York Mets and Sandy Alderson certainly know this. As recently as last year the Mets made an August trade in sending Marlon Byrd and John Buck to Pittsburgh. A similar move is possible again this year.

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Could Bartolo Colon be the replacement for Garrett Richards?

Bartolo Colon, the subject of trade rumors for months, has been placed on revocable waivers. This comes just days after the first place Angels lost starting pitcher Garrett Richards for the remainder of the season. Colon would have to be unclaimed by 28 teams before the Angels would get their chance. If Colon is claimed, it is likely that the Mets will pull Colon off waivers and then attempt to work out a trade.

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The Angels will need to try to replace Richards’ production as they attempt to hold off the A’s to win the American League West. Colon would be a good option as he has been incredibly consistent over his 17 year career amassing 200 career wins.

Colon has also appeared in 6 different postseasons, making 10 starts. He is 2-4 in those starts but has a very respectable 3.70 ERA.

Colon was with the Angels previously from 2004 through 2007 including for his Cy Young award winning season in 2005 when he was 21-8 with a 3.48 ERA. This year Colon is 11-10, enough to lead the Mets in wins, with a 3.85 ERA and 125 strikeouts and only 21 walks.

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Colon swings right out of his helmet (photo credit to Deadspin)

The Angels currently have two middle infield and one outfield prospect ranked in their top ten in their system. The Mets are certainly always looking for middle infielders considering their problems at shortstop and left field also appears to still be a problem position.

I certainly do not know any information from either organization but it is possible, if the Angels really feel they need a pitcher urgently, that Sandy Alderson could manage to pull a solid and major league ready prospect in return for Colon.

A big downside to sending Colon the American League? No more at bats.

Trades are certainly an area where Alderson seems to excel and he shouldn’t be expected to part with Colon unless he gets an offer he can’t refuse. He’s built up the organization throughout trades in the past few years, let’s see if Alderson can add the final pieces.

  • Yazzy

    Whoops my post should have said, “Lagares in center and den Dekker in right.

  • Yazzy

    The Mets should forget about the Angels and trade Bartolo to the Dodgers for Joc Pederson. Of course the Mets would need to add something to the deal in order to acquire someone of Pederson’s talent. If the Mets had an outfield of Pederson in left field, Lagares in right, and possibly den Dekker in right not only would we have a phenomenal defensive outfield these guys might be able to hit a bit too. den Dekker is not the hitter that Pederson promises to be but Lagares might be a decent 270-to-280 average hitter.

    • Dan Lagnado

      I believe that I read that the Dodgers may have been interested but I’m not sure they are willing to get rid of Pederson for basically 1+ years of Colon. Also that’s a deal that could be done this winter if Colon isn’t moved. I only said the Angels because there is a real desperation there.
      Also I highly doubt the Mets would not play Granderson after the contract they gave him