Golden State Warriors: Dubs duo creating international splash

Although the Splash Brothers are in the off-season, they are not sitting on a beach somewhere in California, sipping beverages or tanning in the blazing sun. In fact, the only thing they have seen blazing in the past week or so is their shooting percentages while on the USA Men’s National Team Tour.

stephen curry and klay thompson

The Splash Brothers have been on a tear from the perimeter during the USAB tuneup games.

That’s right. Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson are up to their usual habits, which are knocking down trey ball after trey ball and leaving the competition with their faces in utter disgust.

USAB has played four tuneup games in preparation for the 2014 FIBA World Cup.  During those four games, Curry and Thompson have shot the three ball with precision and confidence. Curry has been starting for USA during the exhibitions and has shot 9-15 from the three-point line. On the other hand, Thompson has went 11-23 from the three while coming off of the bench. Granted, the three-point line is significantly shorter in international play than it is in the NBA but the Splash Brothers clearly are not complaining. They have shot a combined 20-38 from behind the arc. Two words. Lights out.

These two young men have been making noise in the NBA for quite some time now. They get up a ton of shots night in and night out as members of the Golden State Warriors and much has not changed for this dynamic duo on the international stage. This is the first time that either of the Splash Brothers have made the USAB Men’s National squad but they are not acting brand new or bashful out on the hardwood. ¬†If anybody shoots like these two snipers do, there is no reason to be gun-shy. Let it fly!

After going 4-0 and defeating their opponents by an average of 29.0 points per game during the team tour, USA will face Finland on August 30th in their first matchup of the FIBA World Cup in Bilbao,Spain.Not many people are raving about Finland’s shooting ability but thanks to the sharpshooting provided by the Splash Brothers, it is certain that USA will douse the opposition with a barrage of perimeter bombs.