Cleveland Cavaliers: Why this offseason has been a good one

This offseason for the Cleveland Cavaliers has been one for the ages and it could be far from over.

LeBron_James_Cavaliers_27042008The summer started off well for the Cavaliers as they acquired No. 1 draft pick Andrew Wiggins and signed new head coach David Blatt. Things soon got even better as LeBron James announced he would be returning back home to play for the Cavaliers. Thus the stage was set to recruit even more players. General Manager David Griffin was able to bring in 10 new players to the roster.

The Cavs were able to trade forward Scotty Hopson to the Charlotte Hornets in return for center Brendan Haywood and rookie Dwight Powell. Haywood was signed to a $10.5 million non-guarantee for next season. If he stays healthy this season, he projects to be of major contribution on both ends of the floor as the Cavs only have one major center-Anderson Varejao. Although Dwight Powell is a rookie with not much NBA experience, he is a tall forward who can shoot and handle the ball well.

This off-season the Cavs picked up shooting guard James Jones through free agency. The Cavs signed him to a one year deal with hopes of him putting up good numbers from the bench.  Jones is known for his deep three shooting, as he has a career average of 40.3 percent from three point land. He and LeBron have played together the past four years in Miami, so he brings that chemistry to the team as well.

The next player to be picked up from free agency was shooting guard Mike Miller. Miller, who also played in Miami with LeBron, was recruited by him personally. LeBron is on a mission to win a championship in Cleveland so he wants everyone he knows well to be beside him. Miller signed a deal for $5.5 million dollars and brings a lot of experience to the table. He, like Jones, is an excellent three point shooter and hit many shots late in fourth quarter situations to help Miami win.

The Cleveland Cavaliers were also able to acquire Joe Harris, Malcolm Thomas, Erick Murphy and John Lucas III, all of which should contribute greatly.

The last two players to get added to the roster and should be of major help, are Kevin Love and Shawn Marion. Marion brings to the table an all-around player who has played in many playoff games as well as winning a title with the Dallas Mavericks. Love brings another all around player and he will be the outlet pass to LeBron and Kyrie Irving on fast breaks.

It has been an exciting offseason so far for the Cavaliers and who knows what the rest of it will bring?  More trades will be made in the future I am sure and there is even speculation that Ray Allen might join the team as well. Sometimes the waiting is said to be the hardest part, but not here, not today, with the Cavaliers once again in win-now mode.