Mexico Soccer: Javier Hernandez’s future dangles on a tightrope


Javier Hernandez’s future dangles on a tightrope, tilting in two directions. The first would be a possible move to the Serie A, to join Juventus and its star studded strike force under the helm of Massimiliano Alegri.

The move to Juventus may seem tempting for Hernandez, to simply migrate from one top club to another may be a boost to his ego, he may even relish the challenge, but is it really the right move?

A move to Juventus will offer Hernandez some of the same problems he is experiencing at United. At La Vecchia Signora, Hernandez would be forced to contest a spot with Carlos Tevez, Fernando Llorente,  Alvaro Morata and Sebastian Giovinco. The hierarchy is a steep climb, one that Hernandez would have to start from the very bottom.

Being labled a super sub doesnt help either, it was great for Hernandez for awhile, but now its grown tiresome, as this label has greatly reduced Hernandez’s playing time in the span of 4 seasons.

Option B would be a move to Valencia, which seems logical, especially on paper, as it doesnt offer the same struggles for playing time as a reslt of the star studded competition. Valencia is a mid-table team that needs fire power up front to compete with teams like Barcelona and Real Madrid. Valencia needs Hernandez just as much as he needs them. Its a perfect fit in comparison to the other options, especially if he desires to be a consistent starter.

Still, the rumours will continue to build with the increased absence of Hernandez from the red devil line up.

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