5 reasons why the Pittsburgh Steelers will win the Super Bowl

To say the Pittsburgh Steelers will win the Super Bowl is certainly a bold statement.

After two consecutive 8-8 seasons where the team failed to make the playoffs, what would make anyone believe this team is capable of making a Super Bowl run?

Here’s 5 reasons why the Steelers can hoist their seventh Lombardi trophy this season.

1. Younger and faster

Old and slow no more. The Steelers’ defense has had an overhaul and cut ties with some of the older veterans. Though, some remain like Ike Taylor and Brett Kiesel (who the team recently brought back), but it also boasts younger players as well, players who will be asked to make an impact.ryan-shazier

Rookie linebacker Ryan Shazier seems he’ll be a commodity after a promising preseason while the pass rush has Jarvis Jones, Lawrence Timmons, Jason Worilds and Sean Spence. The pass rush should be the Steelers’ strongest point of defense.

There are still some variables that could hinder this defense as the secondary isn’t superb. The Steelers, instead of revamping the secondary, worked toward enhancing the pass rush in an effort to help the secondary. If the pass rush can excel then the secondary will find some improvement, but it starts up front.

On paper, this defense seems better than last season’s. Time will tell if younger and faster can lead this team into the Super Bowl.

2. Best backfield in years

Steelers’ football used to be a ground and pound game. But, in recent years, the backfield hasn’t been what it used to be. The rushing attack hasn’t been relevant since Jerome Bettis and Willie Parker were sharing carries, but this season that could change.

Le’Veon Bell, entering his sophomore season in the NFL, should pickup where he left off. Last season Bell rushed for 860 yards and eight touchdowns. It was a solid rookie season and after missing the first three weeks of the season, Bell revived the run game.

In addition to Bell, there’s LeGarrete Blount. Blount — acquired from the New England Patriots this offseason — is wonderful complement to Bell. He’s big and strong and will be a go-to in goal line situations. The Steelers’ struggled in the red zone last season, Blount will be an answer.

While the duo has been making headlines for other reasons, the organization should be excited to see what this tandem can do once the season gets going. This backfield could help lift the Steelers to the big dance.

3. No. 84 — One of the best receivers in the leaguePittsurgh Steelers

Antonio Brown is one of the best receivers in the NFL. Brown reeled in 110 catches for 1,499 yards and eight touchdowns last season. He’s the number one receiver for the team and there should be no reason to doubt his ability to be a game changer.

As long as he’s a target for Ben Roethlisberger, the receiving game will have an elite player on hand. Brown is another reason the Steelers can make the Super Bowl.

4. A not-so-hard division 

The AFC North hasn’t been the toughest division. Only one team last season — the Cincinnati Bengals — made the playoffs. The Steelers (8-8), Baltimore Ravens (8-8) and Cleveland Browns (4-12) watched from home. Even though the Bengals managed to make it to the playoffs, they made a quick exit after being pounded by the San Diego Chargers.

The division is very winnable for the Steelers. The Ravens and Bengals will also contend, but to go 11-5 or 10-6, that’s a record that could lock up a division title.

Winning the division will enhance the Steelers’ chances of making it to the Super Bowl.

5. Ben Roethlisberger

Ben Roethlisberger

As long a No. 7 is your quarterback the chance to win is always there. Last season Roethlisberger kept this team alive down the stretch. Even with a 8-8 record the Steelers nearly slipped into the playoffs.

Big Ben, last season, threw for 4,261 yards, 28 touchdowns and 14 interceptions. It was another solid year for the franchise quarterback. Roethlisberger should be expecting a pay day come 2015 and another good season from him should raise the dollar amount.

He’s one of the few elite quarterbacks in the league and if he wasn’t the Steelers’ quarterback those 8-8 season’s would have surely been far worse.

He gives them a chance to win each and every game and for that, he gives them every chance to claim another Super Bowl, just as he did in the past.

  • rico

    Big ben is that dude hands done. The steelers need to give him better recievers. And get rid of ike please he cant catch or tackle but at the same time who else do we got. So we need to get a corner first round pick next year.ryan shazier just need to learn how to shed blocks and wrap up and he be a greal linebacker

  • Lucille

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  • Iron City 6pack

    I agree with everyone who thinks Ben is an elite QB. He has done more behind pathetic OL’s than any other QB could do. yeah, Brady took his team to the playoffs with a terrible D, BUT he had a tremendous OL and receivers AND a coach who knows how to design plays and when to use them in a game. The offense will be fine this year, but they won’t score enough points to offset the D’s poor play. The reason is the same as it has been for many years now, THEY HAVE NO PASS RUSH. The secondary can’t cover forever. Jarvis is a waste. His speed does him no good because he has NO TECHNIQUE. The big guys push him around like a doll. The DL is really just average at best. I have no prediction for W’s, but I think they will miss the playoffs again.

    • K-Fed

      The defense is a lot stronger than you are giving them credit for, and although there are question marks you have to take into consideration that its still Dick Lebeau giving them instructions. Where the steelers were bad last year is speed and age. If you actually look they had the right game-plans but the execution and timing were off due to the older players not being able to the right speed. After fixing those issues this off-season, they now have I think a top 10 DEF and possibly back to Top 5 if they stay healthy. Add an improved and healthy offensive line, an incredible RB duo in bell and blount, a strong WR core (watch out for Wheaton this year!!), and Ben Roethlisberger a two time super bowl winning QB whose performance has been getting better with age, and they have a very good chance of not just winning division, but contending for AFC crown. Would not be surprised to see Denver and Pittsburgh in the AFC Champ. In fact my preseason Superbowl Predictions (Made August 1 2014) were: Seattle Seahawks VS. Pittsburgh Steelers. A rematch of one of the most boring super bowls to watch ever. …..

      • rico

        Watch out for jarvis jones also this year i see him with atleast ten sacks this year.

    • rico

      The steelers will be great this year. When we get big leads we just need to stay humble and still dominate on d. The offence is good we just need that great slot reciever because i think more was a waist of money,bryant is not ready yet,maybe jb will be that great slot reciever for us and then we will have a great reciever core,our backfield will be one of the best this year

  • Sloop John V

    Steelers’ only chance to advance to the playoff round is with Cincinnati and Baltimore playing below their potential. Tomlin is an average coach at best and Todd Haley has no business wearing a headset. Mike Munchak will help to stabilize the offensive line, but you can’t make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear. The defensive secondary is still woefully inadequate and one has to wonder why the team would bring back Brett Keisel. A good defensive end in his prime, he is now officially older than Methuselah! Despite a relatively easy schedule, I see the Steelers finishing no better than 9-7. If that’s good enough to win the division, Cincinnati and Baltimore fell on their collective faces. What about the Browns, you say? They should remain irrelevant in the conversation, again, unless of course, they show up in Pittsburgh next Sunday and the Steelers take them for granted. If that happens, Tomlin should be shown the door!

  • Rise Marshall

    Tomlin must coach much better for them to win a super bowl. Steelers have the players, just get rid of Ike Taylor please. They have a good a chance as anyone.

  • DearSheetForBrains

    Everyone is entitled to their own fantasy.

  • Al Ligator

    Petrovich must be smoking a “blount”, if he thinks the Steelers will win the AFC North this season. Even the lowly Browns will pass them up in 2014.

    • PaProud

      Hmm…don’t Bogart that joint!

  • Gus

    It always amazes me when people talk about elite QB’s they throw in Rodgers. How many trips to the SB has he had? How many wins does he have? Not as many as Ben, yet most people give Ben very little of the due he deserves, even though he’s usually playing with less talent around him than most of those “elite” QB’s. If the O-line can keep him upright and healthy, and the running backs don’t get suspended for their stupid MJ stunt, this should turn out to be a good season. I’m not ready to say SB, but a good chance to at least make the play-offs. We can always hope the “glory days” are coming back.

  • Bob Graff

    1, this defense is still slow and old where it counts. 2, Bell’s rookie season was average 3.5 ypc in fact is below average , not to mention he was the the leading rusher on one of the worst rushing teams in the league 3, if preseason is any indicator the pass rush is still a huge issue. In conclusion there is no reason to believe this version of the Steelers is any different than the one we saw last year. The only bright spot is that we really don’t face that many high quality QB’s and the schedule is very weak but if we make it to the playoffs the front office’s inability to retool this team will emerge.

  • Anton

    I have some concerns myself, the LB corp is young and will make mistakes, no LB starts in LeBue’s D right away. If Troy can stay back instead of coming up great, if Bell can avoid the sophomore slump and be that great rusher, great. Big Ben is the big ?, he is the Tony Romo of the east, Ben will throw a pick or take a sack at the worst possible time to lose the game. The Steelers won 2 SBs with a great D and good running game, when the was slipping and the run game was gone Ben could not win it on his arm even though GB had Woodson and another CB out on injury. Ben is a good QB but not that “elite” QB like Brady Manning, Brees or Rodgers who won SBs on their arm and leadership. Ben will ever take the 31st ranked D to the SB like Brady, he needs a supporting cast around him to win the big one…

    • richard

      I’ll take Ben anyday, he has had to do more with less than any of these “quote” elite QB’s. Ben gets 3rd and 6th round wide outs Manning gets first rounders, and look at the o-line , Manning would be retired if he played behind them. Last years Super Bowl says all I need say about Manning, I’ll take a QB that is able to throw under pressure.

    • QuitHatingtheNation

      I agree with Richard. You can’t look at Ben’s performances like you look at Manning or Brady. If Ben had an o line like any of the other quarterbacks that are considered “Elite” his numbers would just be that much higher. If you do the opposite and move any other quarterback in the league onto the Steelers they wouldn’t have been considered elite at all. Ben is the best in the league under pressure period. It’s a statistical fact. Big Ben has also thrown for more yards in a single game than Manning. Don’t tell me the man can’t throw. He is a born leader and more importantly he is a winner. The youngest quarterback to ever win a superbowl. The only team to go from wild card to superbowl champs. You can talk all the trash you want but keep your facts straight. Elite should be spelled Rothlisberger.