San Francisco 49ers: What will happen in the 2014 season?

levis-stadiumA couple days.  That’s how long until the 2014 NFL season kicks off and the passion that is football once again rises up throughout the country.  For the San Francisco 49ers it’s another shot at that elusive sixth title with some key new additions and a new address as well.

Having the season right around the corner means that it’s prediction time and sure I can predict the 49ers final record and how far they will go in the playoffs but what fun is that?  With that in mind the following are things that will indeed happen to he 49ers in the 2014 season.

San Francisco will win all their home games

There’s nothing quite like opening a new stadium as the 49ers will do with brand new Levi Stadium.  From the looks of it, this facility is an outstanding building with free wifi nonetheless. The 49ers will celebrate it’s inaugural season by winning every game at Levi.  Might as well pencil it in right now as San Francisco will not loose at home this season.

Carlos Hyde will replace Frank Gore mid season

I know that every time somebody doubts Mr. Gore, he comes out with a great answer on the field but then again, he has never had anyone like Hyde breathing down his neck.  This is most likely Frank Gore’s last season in 49ers uniform and Hyde has looked explosive thus far in the preseason.  Gore might have a good game or two but as we get to the midway point I believe he will slow down, opening the door for Hyde.  And we all know that Harbaugh isn’t afraid to make big changes in the middle of the season right?

The key to the 49ers offense is….. Alex Boone

Let’s be honest, the 49ers offense had been dreadful, especially the first team.  With guys like Stevie Johnson, a health Crabtree, and Carlos Hyde I expected much more.  At the core of the problem is that the offensive line is not protecting Colin Kaepernick the way we are used to seeing.  Boone has been holding out throughout the preseason and training camp seeking a new deal which is affecting the entire offensive line.  I’m not saying that he is the answer to all the 49ers problems but he along with the rest of the line has been together for some time and they seem to lack that cohesion without him on the field.  Once he comes back and is on the field look for the offense to pick up significantly which leads me to my next prediction.

There will be a new formula for the 49ers success

In the Harbaugh era, the 49ers have been built on a strong running game, and a great defense.  The defense still has the potential to be great but it will struggle at first.  No Bowman, no Aldon Smith, no Glenn Dorsey, a couple of new corner backs starting will impact this defense and they will struggle to keep the fort down until those guys come back.  This is where the offense comes in.  For years it has been the defense that has dominated football games for the 49ers, now it will be the offense.  Look for Colin Kaepernick to use that canon of an arm to sling the ball all over the field.  Look for Frank Gore and Carlos Hyde to have success running the ball and look for Vernon Davis and Michael Crabtree to catch a ton of touchdown passes.  It will be entertaining, it will be non stop action and it will win a lot of games for San Francisco.

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    If you don’t know the difference between “loose” and “lose”, you need to go back to school before you write more columns.