5 reasons why the Detroit Lions can win the Super Bowl

I know what you’re all thinking and trust me you’re not alone. You’re thinking I’m crazy and the Detroit Lions have little to no chance at winning the Super Bowl. The first response I have for all the doubters is this: At least we aren’t the Jacksonville Jaguars, the Oakland Raiders or the Cleveland Browns.  Although being a Lions fan myself might bring some bias, I promise it doesn’t have anything to do with the reasons I list in this article.

The Detroit Lions can win the Super Bowl for five solid reasons:

1. Calvin Johnson

Not only is Calvin Johnson listed as the best receiver in the league, he also has the necessary chemistry with his quarterback and the rest of the Lions organization. The team has accepted the role of Calvin Johnson in being their best weapon. He is respected, confident and has the ability to push the Lions through the tough games later in the season.

Just ask the odds people in Vegas what the Lions stock would be without number 81.

2. Reasonable schedule/Underdogs

Matthew Stafford might not be Aaron Rodgers but he is better than Matt Cassel and Jay Cutler. The NFC North division is always stacked, all teams being playoff contenders, but this year the Lions have better odds at making it out of the division. When looking at their schedule this season, I see 10 games that should be won should the Lions live up to their potential. I have them set to win week 1,2, 4, 5, 6, 8, 10, 13, 14, 15. A team winning the Super Bowl requires a variety of factors, including a manageable game schedule.

The Lions are a team that will be overlooked by certain teams making them a likely underdog to win games where opponents overlook the raw talent present on both sides of the football.

detroit lions

Detroit Lions Schedule 2014-2105

3. Improved defense

I remember a vivid play from last year. An opponent caught the ball clean down the sideline and twisted the Lions safety in three different directions before finally scoring an all-to-easy touchdown. Since then, it seemed apparent the Lions would be unable to win another game that season.

Now, I see the defense in a different light, with the cornerbacks, Rashean Mathis and Darius Slay, tight on receivers and the starting safeties, James Ihedigbo and Glover Quin, with the speed and ability to track receivers not only before, but also after the catch. If the defensive line can live up to their talent every game, they will be the difference in close games, making the Lions move from an 8-8 season to a 10-6 season.

4. Balanced Offense

Everyone seems to have forgotten the promise and talent that Reggie Bush brings to a team. After getting injured in 2008, his stock fell. After this preseason, with a team talented throwing the ball, Bush is poised to have a breakout year. His age has made him a candidate for a player with experience but not yet past his prime.

The offensive line is also holding up well to give Stafford time to throw the ball or create running lanes for the running backs. Being a threat on the ground and in the air is the key to success in this league and the Lions have the double threat.

5. Calvin Johnson

Hold on. It’s not what you think. Okay so maybe there are four solid reasons they can win a Super Bowl with the first reason amounting to a two-in-one type deal. The truth of the matter is teams double-team him, then they triple-team him, and he still makes the catch.

However, the last reason Calvin Johnson is going to be important to winning the Super Bowl is different than the first. With the addition of Golden Tate and the rest of the wide receiver core on this Lions offense, if Johnson can be a distraction, these players will have a major impact on winning games by getting one-on-one coverage.

I’m well aware the odds facing this team. No one said it was going to be easy, but I’m saying it’s going to be possible.

  • greg

    I concur but as the Lions progress up the playoff ranks toward the Super Bowl, their opponents defenses will become more brutal and I don’t know how much punishment the Lions can receive before they give up…..

  • Pete

    Stafford is one of the best quarterbacks in the league you give him time and he will destroy any Team look out for the motor city kitties people are going to be surprised this year

    • Mikaela Arnstein

      Thanks for reading! I hope you’re right.

  • Pete

    Detroit is for real , 14 – 2 year plus they will win there division And Super Bowl win. GO DETROIT

  • Katie Para

    This is a great article!! I enjoyed reading!

    • Mikaela Arnstein

      Thanks for reading! Your articles are great also!

  • paul

    I got them 13-3. They’ll split with Green Bay. They’ll lose road games in New England and Arizona.

    • Mikaela Arnstein

      Yeah you might be right. I debated the games against Green Bay for awhile.

    • Pete

      Go Detroit they are for real. They will beat Arizona so I put them at 14 -2

  • rob bron

    Clearly another lions hater that is a mommas boy!

  • devon

    all i got to say they got defense

  • FJ

    The Lions will win 5 maybe 6 games this year. This franchise will NEVER win unless an Illitch is in charge of the organization.

    • Pete

      boy you dont know much about football you think the Lions is Only going to win five or six games you are Out of your mind try 12 to 14 games

  • Rob White

    I was beyond frustrated at the end of last season. I like most of the changes the organization has made this past off season and I’m looking forward to seeing how things play out.
    As a lifelong Lions fan, the Super Bowl is beyond my wildest dreams. I can’t even imagine what that would be like.

    • Mikaela Arnstein

      I know I think the changes were great, it would be so crazy if they won! Thanks for reading!

      • devon

        superbowl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! season 13-3 losin 3 games