English Premier League standings: every game counts

It’s a close race in the English Premier League dealing with the top seven spots. With having one point differentiating some teams from being higher or lower than another teams, every game is at its utmost intensity. With the end of the season nearing, every win, loss, and tie will have an impact as to where they will stand after a weekend of play in the overall English Premier League standings.  A win consists of three points, a tie comes out to one point and then a loss results in no points. imagesGQTUEC7Y

Right now Chelsea holds a steady lead in first place, having 63 points, which is five points higher than the next closest team who is Manchester City. For Manchester City to surpass Chelsea they would need a little luck on their side and have Chelsea lose in their next two English Premier League games. Manchester City would of course then need to win their next two games. With Manchester City playing Burnley on Saturday is should be an automatic win for City, with Burnley being the second to last team in the league. This will help their points, but will ultimately most likely keep the squad in the same spot they are already in. Chelsea will have a pretty solid game on Sunday when they play Southampton who is currently in seventh and looking to progress up. Of course Southampton, being in seventh has a slim chance of making it into the top four. They would need a lot of the higher teams to lose, making their chances very slim. Arsenal is a close third, with being behind Manchester City four points having 54.

This is where the competition becomes a nail biter because this is where the teams have one or two points seperating each other. Manchester United is only a point behind Arsenal making both these teams next games crucial. If both Manchester United and Arsenal win their games nothing changes in the standings, but with a loss from Arsenal and a win from Manchester United this would have the two teams switch positions in the standings. Liverpool and Tottenham are close behind with only have two and three points separating them from the top four pack.

With only having one or two points seperating themselves from being higher or lower in the standings, the top teams are all in high demand for winning games. It will come down to every game. One loss in a game could be the difference for teams from making the Champions League to sitting in the stands and thinking how that could have been them out on the field.