Grading the New York Jets’ draft picks – from 2011

jeremy kerley

Towards the end of the sixth round of the NFL Draft last Saturday, the NFL Network started to grade each team’s draft class division by division, starting with the AFC East. For what it’s worth, the … [Read more...]

New York Jets offense officially unrecognizable with Johnson


Who says the New York Jets didn’t make any notable signings this offseason? Wednesday’s signing of former Titans running back Chris Johnson completes a flurry of the Jets’ free agency signings that … [Read more...]

One problem with first 48 hours of Jets’ free agency: everything

Eric Decker is most likely going to test free agency this offseason.

If the New York Jets’ first 48 hours of free agency could be summed up in an Eric Hutchinson album title, which is actually a horrible concept on my part and I apologize, it would have to be That … [Read more...]