NFL Weekly: The Seahawks and Patriots are going to the Super Bowl

Tom Brady made NFL history with his performance in the Patriots 35-31 win over the Ravens.

What a great weekend of football we just experienced with the divisional round of the NFL playoffs. This past weekend's four games blew Wild Card Weekend out of the water, and rightly so. Wild Card … [Read more...]

NFL Playoffs: AFC Divisional Round breakdown


Colts…Broncos…Patriots…Ravens…sound like the usual suspects to me. Despite the best efforts of the Bengals, Steelers, Chiefs, and Chargers, the four teams left in the AFC, with the exception of maybe … [Read more...]

NFL Rushing efficiency statistics part 2

NFL: Preseason-Miami Dolphins at Houston Texans

This is the second installment of my own advanced rushing statistics.  My previous article consisted of last years stats and this years stats 5 weeks into the season. A lot has changed since then, … [Read more...]