Why More and More Athletes Are Using Cannabis-Based Products

Over the past few years, there has been a growing trend of athletes turning to cannabis-based products in order to improve their performance and recover more quickly from injury. This is likely due to the various benefits that these products offer, including their ability to reduce inflammation and increase pain tolerance. Additionally, many athletes find that using cannabis can help them to relax and reduce stress, which is essential for maintaining peak performance on the field or in the gym. Some of them are also very open about their love of the plant, and they have no problem displaying it publicly.

So, it’s no surprise that athletes like Olympian US Soccer superstar Megan Rapinoe promote their own CBD products. And when it comes to CBD products, you can find them in many different forms. Oils, beverages, skin products, edibles and tinctures are just some of the most popular products on the market, especially amongst those who are using cannabis for the health benefits rather than just the high. But, traditional smoking devices such as these bubbler water pipes, all kinds of bongs, and dabs are popular as well, even when it comes to consuming CBD only.

Researchers are continuing to uncover new ways in which cannabis can support athletes, such as by boosting metabolism and enhancing brain function. Ultimately, it seems that this relatively new approach to sports training is here to stay, as more and more athletes discover the power of these natural products. Keep reading to learn a few reasons why athletes are using these products.

Anxiety relief

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For athletes who experience anxiety, cannabis can help to calm the mind and ease stress. Many athletes suffer from sports anxiety which comes with symptoms such as nervousness, achiness, lethargy, and a list of other symptoms. This can impact performance and overall quality of life which is why it needs to be dealt with. One way to deal with sports anxiety is with CBD which can effectively relieve the anxiety that might be present throughout the day if taken in the morning. Consuming CBD also provides immediate relaxation that is helpful during stressful events.

Stress relief

For athletes and other active individuals, stress is a constant companion. From the pressure of training and competition, to the constant strain on muscles and joints, athletes are under an immense amount of stress both physically and mentally. However, one effective way to counteract this stress is by using cannabis.

Studies have shown that this plant has strong stress-relieving properties, and can help athletes to maintain balance in their mental and physical health. This is due to the unique combination of compounds found in cannabis, which have been shown to affect the areas of the brain associated with regulating mood and pain perception. Therefore, when athletes choose to use it as part of their regular training regimen, they can experience improved balance, focus, and overall performance.

When taken in low doses, cannabis can be used to relieve stress as well. Much like anxiety, stress can make it difficult to function and can interfere with sleep, appetite, and the overall performance of athletes. This is why it is important to treat stress and CBD is proven to be an effective form of treatment, but only in low doses. It relaxes and calms the body, induces quality sleep, and stimulates appetite which all contribute to stress relief. Additionally, cannabis stimulates serotonin release which heightens mood and promotes overall happiness. Avoid high doses of cannabis as this might promote stress.

Pain management

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All athletes are prone to experiencing pain often during their careers. Whether it be from training or competition, pain is just something that cannabis be avoided in this profession. It has been shown to effectively reduce muscle spasms and migraines that are commonplace for athletes training at a high level. There is sufficient evidence to suggest that cannabinoids can effectively manage acute pain. Additionally, cannabis can also help with chronic pain by interacting with the natural cannabinoid receptors in the body which reduces pain signaling as well as pain perception. This is helpful for athletes who are susceptible to injuries and muscle pains from training.

Better sleep

Sleep is an important part of recovery for athletes and because being an athlete is such a physically strenuous job, athletes must get enough good quality sleep. Cannabis shows promise to improve sleep, especially for those who suffer from chronic conditions such as PTSD and chronic pain for example. When consumed before bedtime, CBD will calm and relax the body and mind which will help you fall asleep faster and wake up less frequently during the night. You will also be able to enjoy better sleep quality and longer sleep quantity as well. If your natural sleep cycle is out of balance, CBD can help it shift back into balance. This is helpful for athletes who need to always be well-rested for optimal performance. Sleep also helps muscles recover which is another reason why it is a useful form of treatment for athletes who need better sleep.

The future of cannabis in elite sports

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With the growing popularity of cannabis in sports and society at large, it may seem surprising to hear that so many athletes have embraced the plant. After all, the stereotype of cannabis users as lazy and unmotivated belies the drive and athletic prowess required for elite athletes. However, many athletes find that using cannabis can actually enhance their performance by helping them to manage stress, focus their minds, or recover more quickly from injuries. In addition, athletes are increasingly taking a holistic approach to their health and wellness, embracing nontraditional therapies like massage and acupuncture alongside conventional medical practices. As a result, it is not surprising that more athletes are choosing to use cannabis as part of their training regimen. Whether they use it for pain management post-workout or to help them get a competitive edge on game day, there is no doubt that it holds an important place in today’s world of elite sports.