6 Best Selling Roller Skates for Kids Review 2023

Skates are a great shoe to wear for traveling on the surface. And, the roller skates are made from quality material and those roller skates really fit great to your kid’s feet. Roller skates are sturdy and well made. This article greatly describes the best selling roller skates for kids.


The brands that offer best-selling roller skates for kids are as follows,

Roller Derby
Chicago Skates

Price range:

The cost of the roller skates varies from one brand to another and the price of the roller skates ranges from $31.78 to $160.89 and more.

Most recommended skates:

Need to buy the best roller skates for you? Looking for the best selling roller skates for kids? Read this section to grab more knowledge about the most recommended skates found in the market today.

1. Roller Derby Girl’s Trac Star Adjustable Roller Skate, White/Pink:

Source: pinterest.com

Roller Derby is a highly recommended brand and this roller skate is available in a combination of white and pink color. It is featured with the 54mm urethane wheels for easy moving on the surface. 608Z bearings reduce friction in a large manner. It perfectly fits to your kid’s feet.

2. Roller Derby Girls’ Firestar Quad Skates:

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These quad skates are sturdy and it is a well made one. It fits great to your kid’s feet and this sports shoe comes with the padded collar for a great appearance. The Excellerator bearings of this quad skates help to reduce the friction between the wheels and the plates. It is now featured with the 54mm urethane wheels for easy moving on the smooth surface.

3. Chicago Women’s Rink Skate:

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It is a classic quad skate with easy lacing system so your child can lace up their skate without any difficulties. The urethane wheels of this skate are perfect for indoors and outdoors. The semi-precision bearings of these roller skates are made from a durable material and it comes with the 30-day warranty.

4. Chicago Girl’s Rink Skates:

Source: pinterest.com

These man-made roller skates are best for beginner kids and the white vinyl boot of this shoe looks great. The urethane wheels and bearings of this roller skate offer smooth rolling. It comes with the 30-day warranty and to offer a secure fit, it is constructed with the easy lace-up front.

5. Roller Derby Girl’s Fun Roll Adjustable Roller Skate:

Source: pinterest.com

This is an adjustable skate from the well-known brand and it is designed with the soft comfort padding to offer enhanced comfort. To offer smooth rolling on the surface, it is now featured with the polyurethane cast wheels and the grease sealed 608ZB bearings highly reduce the friction between the wheels and the plates.

6. Roller Derby Girls’ Roller Star 350 Roller Skates:

Source: pinterest.com

The freestyle comfort fit boot is really nice to buy and it is featured with a padded lining for enhanced comfort. It is an imported skate and the 54mm pink colored urethane wheels offer smooth rolling. The lace-up closure of this roller skate looks great.

This can be great gift for your 3 – 7 years baby girl.